Avanti - AMS - Navigating the Dashboard


This article describes the features available on the AMS dashboard. 


Accessing the AMS Site



Log into AMS ( Once logged in, your default should be opening to the Dashboard. If you don't arrive at the dashboard screen after logging in, simply select the Dashboard option at the top of the screen.



Dashboard Modules

The first module you will see once on the dashboard will be the Alert banner and Offline Kiosk banner, These will both be found at the top of the screen right under your AMS option bar. Updates and alerts from the Avanti team will be shown here, as well as kiosks that have been offline, as well as how long the market has been offline.

Below that, you will have a performance summary module for the current and previous weeks. This covers today's and yesterday's sales, gross sales for the current and previous week, net sales for the current and previous week, as well as costs for the current and previous week.



Next, you will find the inventoried products module, this will give you a breakdown of the total percent of products that have been inventoried over the allotted amount of time. 



Scroll down below that and you will find a list of your market locations along with high-level information. by clicking any of the options in red, you will sort the market locations by that section, in this picture, they are sorted by location name.

The Items in blue can all be interacted with and will give you information on the specific topic.




By clicking on the sales information for a specific market, you will get a pop-up at the top of the screen that will compare Sales informaton by the hour, between today and yesterday



At the top of the location breakdown, you will see Route inventory. Select that and you will be able to see driver performance. This menu will show you the driver market service percentage, as well as how many active SKUs they handle.