Avanti - Contacting Avanti Technical Support


Avanti Tech support can be contacted at any time. Below, we'll go through the in-office hours, use cases, and what you can expect from our top-of-the-line support team.

We also have a webinar covering the new Help Center and recent changes to the Avanti Technical Support process. See here: Avanti Support & Zendesk Webinar

Contact Information

Avanti Markets Support (Tier 1):

  • Sunday       3:00 PM to Midnight PT
  • Monday      4:00 AM to Midnight PT
  • Tuesday      4:00 AM to Midnight PT
  • Wednesday 4:00 AM to Midnight PT
  • Thursday     4:00 AM to Midnight PT
  • Friday          4:00 AM to Midnight PT
  • Saturday      Emergency After Hours (press #5 on the phone)

24-hour support line: 844-MYKIOSK (695-4675)


Best Practices working with Avanti Support

Providing the quickest resolution to operators is the Avanti Markets Support’s #1 goal.  Here are some tips that will help provide the fastest response.

Most importantly, please contact support directly for all issues

Every email and phone call Avanti Support receives automatically creates a ticket and requires follow-up from the support team. 

Contact Methods

Urgent issues – Please call support for urgent matters. Operator phone calls are priority #1 and will be answered in the order they are received.  Please note we have a new call-back feature that will keep your place in line and will automatically call you back when the next agent is available.

Non-Urgent Issues – Email is a great way of communicating with support to help ask questions, provide details on potential issues, and deal with all non-urgent requests.


Please be prepared to provide the following information over the phone or include in an email.   Please include your organization name as it appears in AMS, location name, kiosk name, date & time of occurrence, and description of the issue.  For consumer-related issues, please provide the consumer name & market card number in addition to the location information. 


If you have an issue that is not being resolved, please send a follow-up email to support with the case details and copy your account manager. 

Contacting other Avanti team members without going through support will likely delay resolution due to missed information.

New ticketing system

Our new Zendesk ticketing system allows operators to track and reply to all of your organization's open tickets that have been submitted to support.  You can access tickets within Guide by viewing your profile activities in the top right corner.

Technical Support Phone Number

Please do not share the technical support number with clients or consumers.  This phone number is intended for only direct operator support.  This will help keep the lines open for operators and minimize hold times.

Consumer Inquiries

It is best if consumer inquiries are handled by the operators, but in some instances, it is necessary for Avanti consumer support to assist.  Consumer support can be reached at

On-site Troubleshooting & Support Process

If you need assistance while on-site, please call Support. Otherwise, it is best to send us an email. Emailing support creates a ticket in our system that can then be tracked.

Service Level Agreement: 24-hour response time on any issue, within business hours.

Tier 1

Tier 1 is the default contact line for Avanti Support. For these issues, you will call the main support line while you're on-site at the market. The 24-hour emergency support line is available for off-hours issues. The support team will work with you to solve the issue.

Tier 2

Tier 2 support consists of assistance on problems that can’t be solved by basic troubleshooting procedures (e.g. turning a machine off and back on, resetting the router, etc.). These issues typically cannot be solved while the driver is on-site, so there is no need to remain at the market location once the problem has been documented.

Tier 3

Tier 3 issues are those that directly affect the operator’s business. This includes things like system failure.

If you have a business-impacting problem, please contact support as soon as you know of the issue and indicate that it is urgent.