Avanti - Creating a Market Service Schedule in AMS

Creating a service schedule using the bulk restock tool in AMS 

The bulk restock tool helps medium to large operators minimize recreating restock orders. The restock tool enables you to control all your scheduled restocks at once, and to avoid creating planned orders, individually. You MUST first create a service schedule before using the bulk restock tool. Prior to generating a planned restock order, be sure that all your market service days are setup in the service schedule found under the Market tab in AMS. 

NOTE: All market locations must be assigned a route for the markets to appear in the service schedule. 


  • Have your warehouse staff make clear notation on hard copy of any product outs or quantity adjustments. 
  • Ensure that route drivers restock markets PRIOR to taking market inventory. 
  • Perform inventory BEFORE restocking the markets (if you push orders at the end of the day). 
  • Pre-kit markets, if you have over 10 markets, especially if you plan continued growth. 

To create a service schedule 

Recommended scheduling guidelines: 

  • Markets with $100/day use, service twice each week 
  • Markets with $200-$300/day use, service three times each week 


  • Markets with over $300/day use, service daily, Monday through Friday 1. 

IMPORTANT: Typically, operators pull the restock orders the day BEFORE the defined service day. The date you select on the Service Schedule, will reflect the day it is being pulled. If you run and pull restock on the same day, then change the selected service day to the same day that you pull orders. 

To pull a restock order 

  1. On the DASHBOARD menu, select INVENTORY, and then select RESTOCK LIST. 


AMS displays by default, the restock list for the following scheduled service day. AMS will query all your markets that are scheduled for the next business day, because most operators pull restock orders the day PRIOR to servicing the market. 

  • Expand the Service Day drop-down menu, and select the Service Day from the list for which you want to run the bulk restock service order, and then click Bulk Create Planned Orders. 
  • The following example indicates the locations scheduled for Tuesday. Determine if you need to override the existing planned order. 


If you want to override, then on the New Restock Order popup window, click to select the Replace Planned Order check box, and then click CREATE. Expect AMS to take 10 seconds for every 100 restock orders, and less than 10 seconds for under 25 restock orders. 


BEWARE: Currently, there is NO way to UNDO overriding planned restock orders. Be sure to notify your warehouse staff of the implications for overriding planned restock dates. 

  1. AMS displays the number of restock orders completed. Click CLOSE.

 If Using a Lightspeed PC 

  1. Follow the previous steps to create your planned restock lists in AMS, and once you have created all your planned orders in AMS, pull your orders over to Lightspeed from the PC that Lightspeed has setup for you at your branch. 
  2. Once the orders are received on the Lightspeed PC, you can begin picking your orders. 
  3.  Lightspeed is a great product that can create efficiencies within your organization, but with any third-party integrations, there are many moving parts. One of the most common reasons orders do not push properly is due to errors with VMS-to -Lightspeed product-mapping. If changes are made to the VMS product records, you MUST: 
  • Ensure these changes are updated in the AMS Operator Product Code field. 
  • Warehouse staff MUST manually update orders in Lightspeed PRIOR to all the zones being picked in the warehouse, which can also cause restocking errors. 
  1. Set up Lightspeed to have your orders manually pushed to the market once all pick zones are completed; however, Avanti does NOT have access to these filters. 

IMPORTANT: Train your staff and ensure they understand the proper procedures for picking with Lightspeed, as most of issues found are due to improper product-mapping or procedural mistakes. 

  1. If you have ongoing or intermittent issues with Lightspeed, please contact Avanti support and let us know which Lightspeed agent you use. Avanti Markets has a very good working relationship with Lightspeed, and can resolve your issues quickly.