Avanti - Scheduling Fresh Food from the Product Menu in AMS

Scheduling fresh food using the tool in AMS 

The Fresh Food Scheduling tool enables you to include fresh food items on the same restock orders containing products that are restocked using the min/max par level. You can schedule inventory restock two ways: using the Location page, or using the Inventory menu. 

Using the Scheduled Product Tool for Locations

In AMS toolbar, click MARKETS, select LOCATIONS, and then click a location in this list to open the record.

Click VIEW PRODUCTS, expand the Product Category Filter drop- down list, and select Fresh Food from the list. 

AMS - Product Category Filter Fresh Food Restock.png

In the far-right column, click to select the Scheduled Restock cell, for those fresh items you want to have scheduled. Repeat for all fresh products you want scheduled, and then you can do one either of the following to view your scheduled inventory: 

AMS - Location Scheduled Inventory or Dashboard Scheduled Inv.png

  • On the Location page, click Scheduled Inventory 
  • On the DASHBOARD, click INVENTORY and then select SCHEDULED INVENTORY from the drop-down menu. 
  1. Once you open the scheduled products module, select the location you want to adjust. 
  2. Click the days of the week cells, and then enter the quantity you want to restock. 

Scheduling inventory using the Inventory menu 

  1. To configure your fresh food items for scheduling, do the following: 
  • Sign into AMS at, on the DASHBOARD menu, select 

AMS - Dashboard Inventory Scheduled Inv.png

INVENTORY, and then select SCHEDULED INVENTORY from the list. NOTE: You can also use the IMPORT SCHEDULE tool. 

  • Expand the Choose a Location drop- down menu and select a location to which this fresh food product was extended. 
  • Click a fresh food product from the list. 

AMS - Fresh Product Example.png

  • Click Enable Schedule. 

AMS - Edit Product Enable Schedule.png

 Repeat these steps for all fresh foods you want to include for this location’s schedule. 

  1. To view the scheduled products list for a location, on the DASHBOARD menu bar, click MARKET, select LOCATIONS from the list, click a Location in the list, and then click SCHEDULED INVENTORY. 

AMS - Inventory Schedule-Products Location example.png

  • On the Inventory Schedule-Products page, expand the Switch Locations list, and select your market, and then click in a day of the week cell to set the call values for those products on the schedule. 

AMS - Import Weekly Schedule infographic.png

To Import the Weekly Schedule 

Click Update Schedule to update the data for this market. 

AMS - Import Inventory Schedule Update Schedule.png

If you return to the Market Schedule, you see that the values are changed. 

AMS - Market Schedule Updated Example.png

Import Push Product Option 

AMS - Import Product Push Tool Support.png

Avanti Support team can also turn the static Schedule tool into an import product push tool, which is different. The process of importing the fresh food products is the same as the schedule products process. Once you have imported, click the updated schedule, and all products are pushed to the market at that time. Doing this: 

  • Saves time for the route driver 
  • Is more efficient than pushing items in AMS 
  • Pushes all items in the same week