Avanti - AMS Overview and Key Features

Avanti Markets Systems (AMS) is a holistic, web-based software that enables you to effectively manage your micro market business. Each topic in this article will also have its own focused, detailed article and video tutorial.


The dashboard gives you a quick look at key performance indicatiors.  When you log into AMS the dashboard will be the default page it loads to.  If it does not, you can easily navigate over by selecting the Dashboard option  at the top of the screen.


For more information on the AMS Dashboard Click Here!

Creating a new customer or location

To create a new customer or location, select the markets drop down and select Customer or Location. 


Once there you can begin view contact information and general Location and customer details.



For more information on setting up a new customer or location, Click Here!

Select a location to have access to managing separate product list, inventory schedules, and routes for different customers and locations


Kiosk details

Kiosk details can be found in many places, to quickly access your kiosks, click the markets dropdown and select Kiosks


From there select the kiosk you would like to view details for



 Using AMS you can create a Restock list, Schedule fresh food, and use lightspeed and VMS integrations to help improve warehouse and driver workflow  (Need to find links)

Inventory Adjustment

You can adjust your inventory using AMS as well, navigate to the inventory dropdown and select adjustments.  You can find more details by Clicking Here!


Select reports at the to get access to over 40 comprehensive reports to help track business performance, including P&L overviews.  

For more details on reports, Click Here!