Avanti - Cash Bag Tracking

Introduction to Cash Bag Tracking 

As part of a larger focus on the tracing of the flow of cash from customers back to your operation’s office, we are expanding the ability to trace the flow of your cash. This feature tracks the cash bag number that is used during the cash collections. 


Bag Number – See Cash-out Bag Number 

Cash-out Bag – Typically a locking satchel or wallet that is used for holding and transporting cash removed from a kiosk. 

Cash-out Bag Number – A unique number assigned to a specific bag. This helps to identify each bag and helps for tracking the money as it is transported from the kiosks back to the office. 


Getting Started 

The largest change that you will see is at the kiosk during the cashout process. When you reach the first cashout screen, it’ll look exactly the same as it has in the past. You’ll find an itemized list of all all the money that has been deposited into the kiosk since the last cashout. In the situation seen to the left, there is a total of $58 in the kiosk, consisting of three $1 bills, one $5 bill, one $10 bill, and two $20 bills. 


Once you click on the Cash Out and Print Receipt, you’ll see a new screen. You’ll be prompted for a bag number. You can enter any sequence of letters and numbers up to 32 characters in length. You can also enter nothing if you are not utilizing bag numbers for your cash collection process. Once you have entered in the appropriate information, tap on OK. 


 After clicking on the OK button, you are taken back to the cash-out screen, where you can see the totals for each denomination at 0 and the cash meter updated. 


For kiosks with a receipt printer, you’ll get a receipt as seen to the right. You’ll find a new line of information for Cash-out Bag. In this case, the identified cash bag number is 42. 



Reporting Impact 

You’ll find that the Kiosk Cash Out report will have an additional column, Bag Number. This will contain the cash-out bag number that was entered at the kiosk. You can use this for cross-referencing the information that your driver or representative employee collected from the kiosks.