Avanti - Billboard - Theft-Deterrent Digital Signage


Getting Started
Administrator setup
Creating Billboard Advertisements
Activating the Billboard Advertisements
Display Settings
Trouble Shooting


The new feature will display the last item purchased at the kiosk on an external monitor.  This new feature is a great theft deterrent since the last item purchased at the kiosk will be displayed on the second monitor.  Since the last purchased item will be displayed on the secondary monitor less than honest customers will think twice about walking out of the market without paying for their item.  In addition to displaying the last items purchased on the left side of the secondary monitor you can have two separate advertisement commercials displayed on the right side of the kiosk.  The advertisements on the secondary monitor display independently from the kiosk monitor advertisements.  This is very helpful when you have multiple promotions or messages that you would like relay to customers.



Getting Started  

This feature will only work on our newer E2 kiosks that have a Dell 3010 or newer PC model that includes either a HDMI or display port on the back of the PC.  Please check the back of the PC to see which display connection is available on the PC.   

  • Determine if your kiosk PC has an HDMI or Display port on the back of the CPU.   
    • HDMI Portblobid1.jpg
    • Display Port 
  • Your external monitor must have an HDMI connection and be VESA mount capable if you want to mount it to a wall bracket or Avanti kiosk mounting kit. 
  • Once you have determined which connections are needed you will need to purchase a HDMI to HDMI cable or Display Port to HDMI cable. 
  • Connect the cable from the back of the kiosk CPU to the external monitor’s HDMI port. 
  • Once this is done please contact support to setup to have this feature tuned on. 

Administrator setup

The billboard feature must be turned on for every location that will use the feature.  The operators will contact us when they want the Billboard feature activated at a market location. 

  1. Go to the location record in AMS 
  2. Click on the “Edit Advanced Settings” and check the “Has Billboards” box. 
  3. Click on the Update button to activate the theft deterrent feature.

Creating Billboard Advertisements  

These are the advertisements that will be shown on the external monitor. The operators are not able to upload media all media request will go through the Marketing team.  If they would like some of their advertisements to be displayed on the billboard, they can be downloaded and re-uploaded as Billboard images. 

  1. Go to the admin tab and select “Product Image Management 
  2. Click on New Media 
  3. Setup the following 
    1. Name the file 
    2. Select the file type (most common is image) 
    3. Click on the dropdown box and select “ Billboard Image” 
    4. Click on the choose file button to load a slide or image from your PC. 
    5. Click on the create button. 
    6. Repeat this process to create additional billboard advertisements. 

Activating the Billboard Advertisements 

  1. Go to the admin tab and click on the Billboard selection 
  2. Select the location that you would like to manage the advertisements. 
  3. Select playing list 1 or 2 for the products that you want to have displayed on the secondary kiosk. 
  4. Click on the “Sync Media” button to update the advertisements down to the market kiosk.  

Display Settings 

Once you have your secondary monitor setup you will want to check your settings to ensure they are setup correctly.  Please do the following. 

  1. Go the kiosk desktop 
  2. Right click the E2 kiosk trackball button and select “Screen Resolution 
  3. Ensure you see two monitor icons on your screen. 
  4. Set the Multiple displays setting sot Extend these displays.  
  5. Click on the display that corresponds with the touch screen. (Click the identify button if you are unsure which display is the main kiosk screen). Confirm that it says “This is currently your main display.”  
  6. If it is not currently your main display check the Make This My Main Display” box and click Apply. 

Trouble Shooting 

We have found on a couple of occasions that the ELO touchscreen settings can become out of sync.  If your main kiosk touchscreen is not responding when you activate this feature, and you can see the mouse cursor moving on the secondary monitor please perform the following steps. 

  1. Click on the ELO Touchscreen icon to open the touchscreen calibration 
    If the targets appear on the billboard and not the touchscreen press the escape key on the keyboard and the targets should move to the touchscreen 
  2. Restart your application 
  3. Test to ensure your touchscreen calibration is now working correctly.