Avanti - Two Tier Pricing


Member Reward Pricing has become increasingly popular with many retail outlets these days and is now available to be turned on at individual Avanti market locations. When member reward pricing is turned on at a market location it transforms the customer’s market card into a discount card when product purchases are completed using their Avanti market card. Member Reward Pricing is essentially a membership discount that is passed along to customers when they use their market card. Customers will still be able to make direct purchases using their credit card, but they will not receive the “cash price” discount when they complete their purchase transaction. Customers do not receive any additional discounts or benefits when recharging their market card using a debit or credit card. Member Reward pricing will only give a discount at the time of purchase when an Avanti Market card is used.


Getting Started - Member Reward Pricing 

Before having member reward pricing turned on at a market location you need to determine how you would like to implement this feature into your existing market locations. Just turning on member reward pricing without raising your pricing will erode your profit margins. Many operators are selling member reward pricing at existing market locations as a way to get a price increase, or implementing a higher pricing structure at new installations to drive the retail price.

Example: If you were to increase your product pricing for all items in the market by 10%, and then turn on Member reward pricing giving a 10% discount this helps pave the way for a price increase at existing market locations. Customers that use their market card to complete a purchase will pay the same price that they were used to paying at the market prior to the increase. Customers that make a direct purchase with their debit/credit card will pay the higher price which helps absorb the credit card fees.

Member Reward Pricing can be set up to give either a fixed dollar or percentage discount at the time of checkout.  If you want to have Member Reward Pricing turned on we suggest that you increase your prices earlier in the day, and call support to have this feature turned on at the locations you want to implement this feature. When the kiosk receives their daily full sync both the price increase and the Member Reward Pricing will be updated at the same time. At this time only Avanti support is able to turn this feature on in AMS.


User Experience 

Products scanned at the kiosk will note “Additional Discount (with purchase using your market card).