Avanti - AMS Roles and Privileges



AMS has 4 levels of access that give a broad range of function to our customers. These levels of access are requested by the operator and assigned by Avanti Support. More than one role can be given to an AMS user.
The roles that are currently assigned to users in an org can be viewed through Admin > Organizations > select the org in question. Note in this screen Admin actually equals Operator.
When an AMS user with operator level access logs into AMS they can manage AMS users that have access to their org through Admin > Users
After clicking on an AMS user they can edit some of the details, disable the user and force them to change their password at next login. They are not able to adjust the roles of other AMS users.
There are some additional roles that are less commonly given to AMS users to enable advanced functionality.
There is also an AMS Admin role that is not managed through the standard user accessible pages. The AMS Admin role has full access to all orgs.


AMS Common Roles

  • Operator
    • This level of access is generally held by individuals that manage the locations, products and market users for an operation. This could be an administrative person who works with AMS all day adjusting pricing and handling market user refund requests. It could also be held by the owner of the operation that rarely logs into AMS. In general this access level is assigned far too broadly.
  • Call Center
    • This role is designed for a customer service representative that only handles very basic requests and market user refunds. This role is rarely assigned.
  • Supervisor
    • This is very similar to the operator role but it is not able to create new products and categories.
  • Driver
    • This is the most commonly assigned access level that is given to the route drivers who stock and service market locations on a daily basis.
Area Specific Function Operator Call Center Supervisor Driver
AMS Kiosk Reboot  Y      
Location Edit Location Summary Y   Y  
Location View Location summary Y Y Y Y
Location Create New Location Y   Y  
Location Copy Location Y   Y  
Location Deploy/undeploy kiosks Y   Y  
Location Update Prices- Reboot command on Kiosk Summary Y Y Y Y
Product Edit Product Y   Y  
Product View Products Y Y Y Y
Product Create new product / new no scan product Y      
Product Add Category Y      
Product Pick Location Y   Y  
Product Placement Y   Y  
Product Tax Catetory/ Taxes Y   Y  
Product Deposit Category / Deposits Y   Y  
Product Supplier List Y   Y  
Inventory Restock List Y   Y Y
Inventory Push Item Y   Y Y
Inventory Adjustment Y   Y Y
Inventory Print Inventory Y   Y Y
Reports Account Profitability Y   Y  
Reports Bad Scans Y Y Y Y
Reports Bottle Deposits Y   Y  
Reports Cash Flow Y   Y  
Reports Credit Card Errors Y Y Y  
Reports Guest Pass Coupons Redeemed Y Y Y  
Reports Inventory Adjustment Summary Y   Y  
Reports Inventory Analysis Y   Y  
Reports Inventory Movement Y   Y  
Reports Kiosk Cash Y   Y Y
Reports Kiosk Cash Out Y   Y  
Reports Location Level Products Y   Y  
Reports Market User Float Y   Y  
Reports Market Users Y Y Y  
Reports Net Revenue Y   Y  
Reports On-hand Inventory Y Y Y Y
Reports Operator Fees Y   Y  
Reports Product Analysis Y   Y  
Reports Product Pricing by Location Y Y Y Y
Reports Product Sales Y   Y  
Reports Product Tax and Deposit Y   Y  
Reports Recharge Coupons Redeemed Y Y Y  
Reports Sales Item by Location Y Y Y  
Reports Sales Summary and Costs Y Y Y  
Reports Taxes Y Y Y  
Reports Unsold Products Y Y Y  
Market Users Make changes to market users account Y Y    
Coupons Create templates/ etc Y   Y  
Commercial Able to add commercials / playlists Y Y Y  
Admin Change password Y Y Y Y
Admin Update Profile Y      
Dashboard Dashboard Y   Y  
Handheld Quick Stale Y   Y Y
Handheld Quick Restock Y   Y Y
Handheld Physical Inventory Y   Y Y
Handheld Inventory Adjust Y   Y Y
Handheld Edit Product Y   Y  
Handheld Not Inventoried Y   Y Y
Kiosk Admin Cash Box Details Y   Y Y
Kiosk Admin View Inventory Y   Y Y
Kiosk Admin Quick Stale Y   Y Y
Kiosk Admin Quick Restock Y   Y Y
Kiosk Admin Not Inventoried Y   Y Y
Kiosk Admin Desktop Y   Y Y


AMS Advanced Roles

  • Super User
    • Originally intended to provide extended functionality this role is currently in a terrible and basically non-working state
  • Datafeed
    • This role gives access to org level reports that can pull large fairly detailed record sets from AMS. Inventory Adjustment Details (org), On-Hand Inventory Details (org), Reload Details (org), Sales Details (org).
  • Vendor Report
    • This role is for a 3rd party usually a vendor that is producing fresh product for the operator. For example they can log in and see how many sandwiches were sold and base their current production off of that number.
  • Location Group User
    • Enables the cross org reporting function for Location Groups that have been added to the org.
  • Financial
    • Allows the user to load the business insights dashboard in the report center.  Can only be requests by the account manager for a particular organization.


AMS Admin Access

The AMS Admin role has full access to all orgs and most fields in the AMS web portal. This is the role used by Avanti Support to configure Locations, kiosks and AMS users on a daily basis. This role can also add additional AMS admins.



The promotions module involves both sponsored and operator created promotions.   The below table details what permissions AMS Admins should have and what permissions operators should have. 

Create/Edit Sponsored Promotion Y N
Create/Edit Sponsored Product Group Y N
View All Sponsored Promotions Y N
View Sponsored Promotions that have been extended to Organization Y Y
View Sponsored Product Group Y N
Extend Sponsored Promotions Y N
Extend Sponsored Promotions to other locations in an organization Y Y
Create/Edit Promotion Y Y
Create/Edit Product Group Y Y