Avanti - AMS Commercial Management

Promo Engine Terms

Promotion Engine – Self-service tool for managing promotions, commercials, and billboards

Kiosk - Avanti Markets Kiosk

Billboard - External Monitor with a top and a bottom area to display an image asset

Commercial - Image asset that is displayed on the Kiosk

Image Asset - Image in supported image format and size that can be displayed on a billboard or Kiosk

Billboard Playlist - Playlist of assets that are displayed on a Billboard with duration, and a start/end date

Commercial Playlist - Playlist of assets that are displayed on a Kiosk with duration, a start/end date

Promotion Playlist - Playlist of assets for a Billboard and/or Kiosk that matches the start/end date of the promotion


Add Assets (Asset Tab)



Supported Image Formats

Image Size:  5mb Image Resolution: 1024 x 768 Image File Type:  JPG, PNG, GIF

Add Asset

Click ADD ASSET button


Drag and Drop files from your computer OR click ADD FROM COMPUTER to bring up a file explorer.


If all your images are supported click ADD SUPPORTED ASSETS and the assets will be added to your library


If you see a warning triangle under the supported column you will need click the RESIZE button in order to add the asset to your library


Drag the box from the center or corners isolate the par of the image you want to crop


Drag from the corners to shrink or expand the part of the image you want to crop


Note: Assets over 5mb will need to be resized regardless of their dimensions. Click RESIZE and then SAVE to reduce the file size and correct dimensions

Remove Assets

Select all or individual assets from the Assets Table and click the REMOVE



Playlist Tab


Create a Commercial Playlist

Specify Name and set Type of Playlist to Commercial

NOTE: Playlist type cannot be changed once the playlist is saved.


Setup Defaults for a Playlist


Default Duration: Timing of how long assets are displayed for all assets in the list

Default Start Date: Start date of all assets in the playlist

Default End Date: End date of all assets in the playlist


Note: Defaults can be changed on a per asset bases.  See later section on Individual Asset Options


Add Assets by choosing one of the following options.


Manage Playlist


Reorder the assets by clicking on the up or down arrow of the asset you wish to reorder


Remove Assets from the table in bulk or one off by selecting the assets you wish to remove and clicking the REMOVE button.


Individual Asset Options allow  you to set specific settings on an individual asset level.

    • Start/End Date
    • Duration
    • Remove
    • Global (admin only)


Save Playlist by clicking SAVE PLAYLIST. Upon Saving the playlist’s assets and configuration will sync with the next pulse sync


Differences Between Commercial, Billboard and Promotion playlists

Billboard Playlist

Billboard Assets can be positioned at the top or bottom of the billboard screen.


Duration for entire playlist only. Individual Assets cannot have their own custom duration.


Promotion Playlist

A Promotion Playlist is a hybrid of Commercial and Billboard Playlist by having two tabs in the asset table for both Commercial and Billboard Assets.


Match the commercial and billboard playlists with a Promotion’s start/end date by adding the Promotion to the playlist by clicking on the ADD PROMOTION button or CREATE PROMOTION to create a new promotion.


NOTE: Default Start/End Date of the playlist is set to first added Promotion’s start/end date.


If you wish to change the start and end date you must do so on the actual promotion’s edit page.  It cannot be changed on the promotion playlist.

Start/End Date for all promotions must be the same to add more than one existing or new promotion to a promotion playlist



Extend a Playlist to a Location

Click ADD TO LOCATION choose which locations you wish to extend the playlist to.

NOTE: For a Promotion Playlist, Promotions are also extended to locations you choose here.


Use table’s sorting, filters, and search to target specific groups of locations.


NOTE: 3rd party integrations are labeled with a pill.  You can sort by integration type or filter easily from the Integration Type filter.


Remove a Playlist or Promotion form one or more location

Select one or more locations to remove the Playlist and associated Promotions.



NOTE: The playlist and/or Promotion will be removed on the next pulse sync.


Override Locations

Click OVERRIDE to make specific changes to the playlist at that location.


NOTE: You can change things link, list order, add/remove assets, change start/end date, or duration.


Undo Override

Select one or more locations and click UNDO OVERRIDE to revert the override to the default playlist configuration and assets.


Locations tab


  • View specific location's playlists
  • Make overrides
  • Multiple playlists per location

Promotions tab (existing)


  • Only location change in AMS
  • Existing support materials cover this topic

Sponsored Report tab (existing)


  • Only location change of report in AMS
  • Existing support materials should be used here