Avanti - New Lock Standards for Kiosks


We are updating the locking system on our kiosks. Moving forward, Avanti Markets kiosks will no longer ship with a lock installed, but instead will have a hole where you can insert your own barrel lock, just like a vending machine. These are the same locks that have been used in our industry for many years.


As an operator, you will now have the opportunity to key your market kiosks with your own barrel locks specific to your business. This gives you better control of the security of your deployed kiosks.

Lock Specifications

You will need to order a standard 5/8 vending barrel/cylinder lock for each new kiosk you receive. Many of you are already very familiar with barrel locks, but some operators may not carry these locks in your operation today.


If you need assistance in ensuring you purchase the right equipment, please reach out to your account manager.  Here are two companies that offer locks:

Medeco Locks

Van Lock Company

Executive Kiosk-3 kiosk