Avanti - Setting up HRX-420 DVR in Smart Viewer

The setup of the HRX-420 DVR is different than earlier models when it comes to setting them up in Smartviewer. Please first be sure you have the latest version of SmartViewer installed, which can be found on this page under the "Software" tab at the bottom:

After installing, follow these instructions to add an HRX-420 device to your SmartViewer DVR list.

  • In Smartviewer, select "add device" as you normally would
  • In the settings, when selecting Model Name select Wisenet Recorder
  • for Address Type select IP Address
  • Device Port should be 4520
  • HTTP Port should be 4422
  • ID should be Admin
  • Password should be one of the normal DVR passwords. (Most likely kiosk13579)

The settings should look somewhat like this when they are completed:



NOTE: You may also need to select "HTTP" under "Media Protocol Type" in order to see camera feeds.



Connection test should be successful. Click register to save.