Avanti - Auxiliary Kiosk FAQ

Below are the commonly-asked questions about our new Auxiliary Kiosk offering. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Account Manager. There is a downloadable copy of this FAQ at the bottom of this article.


Q: What is the screen size?

A: 15"


Q: Does this solution use a tablet?

A: No, it uses a PC and screen.


Q: How much does the unit weigh?

A: Approximately 40 lbs for countertop; Weight with floor stand is TBD.


Q: Does it use the same locking mechanism that Avanti Executive Kiosks use?

A: This auxiliary kiosk uses the “old” Avanti Cam Locks which cannot be custom keyed.  Today, Executive Kiosks are shipping with 5/8” barrel locks.  This lock decision is driven by space constraints and the lack of a bill acceptor.


Q: Does it include a receipt printer, bill validator or biometrics?

A: No.


Q: Which port connections are available?

A: A USB 3.0 port, ethernet port for Cradlepoint or wired connection, and a USB-C to HDMI that can be used to connect a second monitor/billboard.


Q: Will cellular/wireless be available?

A: A Cradlepoint option is available. The unit would be housed inside the body of the kiosk. Please confirm Cradlepoint option(s) with your Account Manager to help ensure the device will fit.  The Cradlepoint IBR200 and IBR600 units will fit.


Q: Does this use the same scanner as the other Avanti kiosks?

A: It uses a compatible industry standard 2D scanner.


Q: Does this include a DVR/NVR?

A: No. Those would need to be external to the setup and a 3rd party solution is recommended.


Q: Will this work with Lightspeed? What about VMS?

A: Yes. If you have Lightspeed or VMS set up with your existing Avanti Micro Markets, then it will work the same.


Q: Where will these ship from to the customer?

A: They will ship from our SLABB warehouse in Arizona.


Q: Will small market sales count toward operator tier level?

A: Yes, they count toward the operator equipment tier levels.


Q: Is this solution available under the Avanti subsidy program?

A: No.


Q: Will this solution have performance sales requirements like subsidized kiosks?

A: No.


Q: Will there be a weekly base fee?

A: No, as long as sales are below $35K. This solution is on the same fee structure as Avanti Micro Markets.


Q: Which spare parts are available?

A: Scanners, PCs, screens and Ingenico Readers are the primary components that are replaceable.


Q: What is the warranty?

A: 5-year warranty on the Screen and PC.  If the operator is a participant in the ALWP for our Avanti Micro Markets and they are stocking spares, then the scanners and Ingenicos will fall under that program.  If a new operator and they want ALWP for the scanners and Ingenicos, then they can sign up as long as they add these parts to their spare inventory.   If a part needs repair, operator ships it to Avanti for repair or replacement as necessary.  If expedited/immediate replacement is desired, then operator will need to buy the replacement part, but will also receive a fixed replacement later to keep on hand.


Q: New contract exhibit required?

A: Yes.  To address ALWP and Subsidy as the product is not part of these programs.