Avanti - SimpliGet Remote Order


The purpose of this article is to describe the SimpliGet Remote Order service and to answer frequently asked questions.


Fees to Operator

What is the fee structure?

The SimpliGet remote order site works like a standard Micro Market. No changes to Operator’s existing fee structure and no fees for your customers.

If an Operator is using Lockers, there is a $0.25 turn fee for each order placed into each cubby.

There is no additional charge for orders placed into a take-out window. There is no additional charge for using SimpliGet together with a pickup counter/take-out window.


Do Lockers count towards Avanti equipment tiers? 



Locker Hardware

What is the warranty on the Lockers and what is covered in the warranty? 

18 months, all parts.


Regarding maintaining temperature, is each cubby independently insulated?

The cubbies are insulated. They are not heated or cooled. However, the insulation keeps allows the food or beverage items to stay at its original temperature for a reasonable period of time, which is superior to leaving them better than being left out in unregulated temperatures.


Is there a contactless doors model available? 

The doors pop open via QR code on the customer’s mobile device, no touch is required to open them. The customer can then close the door with their elbow if preferred.


Is there UV cleaning / sanitization?

Yes, each time food is removed, a ten-minute UV sanitization cycle runs or it will run until the door is next opened - whichever comes first. 


Is there a Controller-based doors model available?

We are not planning to provide “remote” opening of individual cubbies. V1 has an “open all cubbies” feature for maintenance. The QR code is sent to a driver who which has a one-hour time limit to open all doors for maintenance. New codes may be generated at will.


What sort of IT integration is required? Is there a way to deploy without any integration?

This is integrated with the AMS platform so it does not require additional IT integration.


What are the Lockers powered by?

Controller Lockers units are powered by electricity, regular 110v. The Tower units need no power source and are daisy chained to the Controller. All are managed via the AMS platform system.


Do you have a package (non-food)-focused model as well, or just food focused?

Lockers can store any non-hazardous materials. We are reviewing different size configurations for future releases


Do consumers get an alert on their phone when their order is ready in the Locker? Is it from an app or text?

Yes – via SMS Text Message and Email. App based alerts are planned for the future.


Can they be deployed in Canada?

It is possible to set this up, but it is not currently available. 


Any restrictions to where it can be deployed in the US?

Avanti makes this available everywhere in the US. However, local restrictions or regulations may apply. 


What happens if the customer does not close the Locker door after getting their order?

The cubby reservation is not released until the door is closed.  We recommend that Operators physically inspect the Lockers once a day.  The current release has a live “map” of reservations.


What is required for a Lockers solution?

The basic requirements are:

  • Lockers require an ethernet connection (recommended) or modem for the Controller.
  • There is room for a CradlePoint modem inside the Controller 
  • Standard 110v connection
  • Lockers require and come with an RS485 connector cable to connect to the Tower


How many Lockers can be daisy chained together?

Up to nine (9) banks of Lockers may be connected to a single Controller.


Do Lockers count towards Avanti equipment tiers?



What is the warranty on the Lockers and what is covered in the warranty?

18 months, all parts


What is the time that food stays ‘good’ in a Locker?

This will vary based on location and food selection. Please refer to safety guidelines and your current best practices for in managing food safety.


When will heated or cooled Lockers be available?

We do not have any current or future plans to add them at this time.


How many cubbies are in each unit of Lockers?

Two options:

  • 14 in a Controller
  • 16 in a Tower


What are the sizes of the cubbies?

Currently cubbies come in:

5” x 5” x 10”

  • Controller - 12 Cubbies
  • Tower - 14 Cubbies

10” x 10” x 10”

  • Controller - 4 Cubbies
  • Tower - 4 Cubbies


What are locker dimensions?

H 74.69", W 27.17"D 15.04"


Can Operators customize size & number of cubbies?

Not at this time but we are exploring other configurations for the future.


Are the cubby doors clear or painted?

The cubbies are solid and without a clear window. They are powder coated, and custom wraps and coatings are available.  Please ask your Account Manager for details.


What kind of branding or wraps are available for Lockers?

Full branding is available – spec sheets are in development 


Do Lockers have any security cameras or options for cameras?

No, the Lockers are not equipped with cameras, however video options are available from the Avanti orders site.


Operational Questions

What is the best Operator and/or location to target for Lockers? 

The ideal Operator has their own commissary or access to a ghost kitchen or fresh meal source. For an Operator who is interested in setting up Lockers, but they do not have access to either of the above, please contact your local Account Manager and they will assist you.  50+ people onsite is a good starting point. 


Does SimpliGet make sense for Operators who don’t have their own commissary? 

SimpliGet can work with third-party kitchens. Please speak with your Account Manager to explore options. 


How is SimpliGet set up in AMS? 

It’s just like setting up any other Location! Each kitchen and delivery site (e.g. Lockers or window) is a location. We will provide step-by-step instructions upon implementation. All you need to do is add your fresh food choices, just like any other product.  Don’t forget the sales tax! 


How do Operators handle situations where a customer does not pick up their order at the specified delivery time?  

This is up to the location – there is a maintenance QR code that allows Operators to open all Lockers for cleaning and removal.  Operators should follow safety guidelines for food delivery, spoilage, etc.


How do you handle situations where a customer does not pick up an order in a timely manner?

It is up to the Operator to determine when to clear the cubbies.  The Manage website provides an “Open all Cubbies” QR code for maintenance.


How will the customer service process be handled for over-bills, incorrect charges, etc.? Same as current?

Yes, same as current Avanti Micro Market process. 


What would be an expected ROI for this equipment?

Initial models suggest that the equipment can be paid off as early as within a year and that an early return on investment can be delivered in the right circumstances.  Avanti will be proving multiple business cases in Q2 2021 and more details will be provided after. Please connect with your local AM for assistance with identifying promising locations and developing your business model.