Avanti - SimpliGet Consumer FAQ

Consumer Experience

What are the delivery fees for the customer? 

No Delivery Fees or Tips – which is a savings from other delivery services.


Does Avanti have a mobile-app experience for SimpliGet remote orders? 

The customer does not have to download another mobile app on their phone!
Our website is mobile-friendly allowing the consumer to order using their phone. 


How will consumers access the right menu associated with their location? 

Operators send the user a generated URL that is tied to a unique location – note some Operators will have more than one unique location. In addition, a best practice is to put a QR code on signage at that location to represent the local menu options. 


Can a customer customize their items? 

Customization within a single menu item is not currently available. This functionality is being developed for Q4 2021. Today, variations would need to live as separate menu items (e.g. Burger- Plain, Burger- Everything, Burger- Ketchup only). 


How does the customer pay? 

Currently, the customer experience is to pay using their Avanti stored value market card. Credit card payments are currently planned for late Q3/Q4 2021. 


If someone orders, for example, a salad & hot meal, can they be deployed to the same cubby? 

Both orders could go to the same delivery location.


What are the customer location options & recommendations for physical delivery of orders? 

We have two options currently:

  • Counter/Pick Up Window
  • Lockers

When does a customer receive notification that an order is ready?

When the kitchen marks an order as complete, a notification is immediately sent to the consumer, SMS and/or email. This is different than Lockers, where the notification is sent only after the first door close.


How do Operators handle situations where a customer does not pick up their order at the specified delivery time?  

This is up to the location – there is a maintenance QR code that allows Operators to open all Lockers for cleaning and removal.  Operators should follow safety guidelines for food delivery, spoilage, etc. 


Can reminder alerts be set up as pick-up time gets closer? 

In V2, reminders are sent to the customer every ten minutes for the first 30 minutes, three reminders in total. Future releases will have configurable reminder services tailored for the location/delivery options. 


Will this solution work in a US Connect environment? 

Not at this time. 


Will this solution work in a VMS environment? 

Not at this time.