Avanti - SNG Planogram Enhancement (in AMS)


An enhancement, Pending Product is a new AMS planogram feature for Smart N Go. It allows you to set replacement (pending) products for specific columns within a module. A red text label is displayed to show which product is pending. The product will remain pending until service is done at that market.


Setting up a pending product

  1. On AMS, go to the SNG location you want to manage inventory for. Click Planograms.
  2. Click the edit icon/button for the module you want to add a pending product for
  3. In the left panel, find the product you want to swap in, and drag & drop it directly on the product you want to swap out.

**Notice the red text label that appears


  1. Click Save Planogram.
  2. Once the market is serviced, the pending product will fully replace the active product.