Lightspeed Connect - Pricing by Location

What is Pricing by Location

Pricing by Location allows you to sell your goods to various locations at different prices. For instance, let’s take a Ham Sandwich that has a default price of $2. Some locations that order this sandwich are a part of your company and you want to charge them only $1.75. Other locations are extremely low volume, and you wish to charge them $2.50. Pricing by Location is a configurable feature.

Please contact your support representative to turn this feature on.


How to Assign/Edit Location Pricing

Navigate to the Pricing section of your Connect site. On the left side of the screen, in the Locations Panel, select the Customer you will be setting prices for in the dropdown. In this example, we are choosing ABC Conglomerate.


The locations that belong to that customer will appear in the table below the dropdown. Click the location you wish to edit the pricing for. The location will highlight, and a price list will appear on the right side of the screen. For this example, the ABC – Atlanta location was chosen.


The price column shows you the default price for each product. The Location Price column in yellow shows you any special product pricing set for this location. If there is no entry in the Location Price, this location will receive the default price for that product. Let’s say we want to change the pricing on ABC Conglomerate’s – ABC Atlanta locations for the Ham on Wheat Plain to $2.25. Click the yellow box beside the Ham on Wheat Plain and input the new price. Click out of the box or press enter to save.


To edit the pricing, simply click the yellow column for the item you wish to edit and make your change. Click out of the box or press enter to save.

To remove the location price, click on the text box for the price you wish to remove and delete the text. Then click out of the box or press enter to save.

Note that once you edit or input a price, you must move to a new cell before you can edit the same price again.


Quickly Copy Full Location Pricing to Another Location

Now that we have set our location prices at ABC Conglomerate – ABC Atlanta, we want to copy this same set of prices to Marler’s Sandwich Shop – Duluth. In the locations panel, we select ABC Conglomerate from the dropdown.  We then click the “Copy Prices” button beside the listing for the ABC Atlanta location. 

A panel opens in the middle section of the screen. We select Marler’s Sandwich Shop, and a list of his locations will populate. Check the box(es) beside the locations that you wish to copy this price list to and then click the blue “Copy Prices” button.


A window appears asking you to confirm your changes. Click “Yes” to save the changes. We can briefly see a message on the screen that our prices were copied.


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