Lightspeed Connect - Packout Areas

What is a Packout Area?

A packout area is a space where your product is staged before it leaves your facility. You may have specially designated areas for various locations. For example, you may wish to stage all the orders for the south side of town in packout area 1 (a cooler or a loading dock), while all the north side orders go to packout area 2. This helps facilitate the organization of what is leaving your place of business. In Connect, we allow each Order Group to be assigned a Packout Area. If you do not use multiple packout areas, all order groups will be assigned to a default packout area.


Managing Packout Areas

Creating a New Area

To create a packout area, navigate to the Facility page of your Connect site. On the left side of the screen, you will see a Packout Areas panel. A Default area should already be present in the table. To create a new packout area, click the + in the upper right of the panel. A textbox will appear for you to input the name of your new area. Then click the green checkmark to save.




Editing an Existing Area

To change the name of an existing packout area, click on the area to be edited. It should appear highlighted. Now click the edit button in the upper left of the panel.

A text input will open with the selected area's name. Change the name and click on the green checkmark to save your change.

To deactivate a packout area, select the area and press the deactivate button in the upper left of the packout panel.




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