365Dining Support Structure


Our 365Dining structure has changed over time to better support the needs of our operators and clients. This document will outline information regarding 365Dining Support.


365Dining Support Email

With this dedicated email address, Support can begin working towards a resolution ASAP. This will allow 365 Support teams to expedite the routing of Support tickets related to Dining. 365 Support will also use this address to effectively escalate 365Dining issues.


365Dining Support Lines

365Dining Support lines will have higher priority splits specifically for Dining customers. Additionally, Our Dining Support team members are specifically dedicated to troubleshooting issues related to 365Dining, therefore, being subject matter experts.


Additional Information

  • The Support team will have two dedicated 365Dining agents for Level 1 phone queues.

  • Internal 365 Support teams will have bi-weekly meetings with the 365 Development & Product teams to review open bugs and enhancements.

  • There will be an additional level of 365Dining training for new agents.
    • Basic training is provided during Onboarding and New Hire Training.
    • After 60 days, agents will then take part in live general phone support.
    • Dining Support agents also receive 365Dining training again before being added to the Dining Support phone queues.

  • Company Kitchen will provide live after-hour support.
    • Urgent issues will be documented by 365 Support and the agent will page the Company Kitchen On-Call Support Representatives to resolve.

  • There will be additional alerts and tags to bring attention to Dining issues, ultimately increasing response times.