Lightspeed - Unable to Map Products


The purpose of this article is to provide instructions for mapping products to sections within Lightspeed Administrator (LsAdmin).



The most common reason for being unable to map a product is that the product category filter assigned to that item is disabled for the specific zone it is in. Follow the steps below to resolve this:

  1. In Lightspeed Administrator, navigate to Reports Unmapped Products and select the appropriate zone to see exactly what is unmapped.
    • You may also want to uncheck Active Products Only.

  2. Navigate to Reports  Product List.

  3. Choose the zone that you are attempting to map the product to.

  4. Determine an appropriate zone based on pre-established categories for similar products.

  5. Navigate to Lightspeed Settings → Product Category Filters. Choose the zone you are attempting to map the product to.

  6. On this list, ensure that the category you assigned the product to is enabled. Do not forget to click Save.

  7. Based on the platform for the aforementioned zone, navigate to Lightspeed Settings → Map Products to Lights or Lightspeed Settings → Map Products to Mobile.

  8. Attempt once more to map the product.
    • Lights:
    • Mobile:
  9. If done properly, the product should show up on the list of products. Choose the product and click Update/Save to finalize the changes to the section.