Lightspeed - Linking Primary & Secondary Provider Products


The purpose of this article is to provide instructions for resolving issues relating to products not appearing in a picklist order, stuck picklists, or inventory values not updating. The below information explains how to configure primary & secondary providers to address these issues.


Primary & Secondary Providers

 To determine Primary and Secondary providers, follow the below steps:

  1. In Lightspeed Administrator, navigate to Lightspeed Settings Configure Provider/Source.

  2. The provider near the top of the page is the primary provider.

  3. Secondary providers are listed at the bottom of the page. Below is an example with both SmartHQ (365 Markets) and ADM (365 Markets v2) as secondary providers.

  4. If the secondary provider is still being utilized for managing products (as a backup or otherwise), we need to ensure that Secondary Provider Products are setup correctly, otherwise we could run into stuck in picking issues, products missing from orders, or issues with inventory values not updating.


Secondary Provider Products Issue

  1. In Lightspeed Administrator, navigate to Lightspeed Settings Link Secondary Provider Products.

  2. Select the appropriate secondary provider from the drop down list.
    • 365 Markets is SmartHQ.
    • 365 Markets v2 is ADM.

  3. The next page links products together from the primary provider to the secondary provider. The linking index is managed by the product code/scan ID of the product.
  4. From the Current Status report, cross reference products that were either unmapped, not showing up on the order, or had issues updating inventory to the secondary provider.

  5. Click Edit on the right-hand side. Choose the appropriate primary product to link, then click Update when finished. Do this for all necessary products.