Monnit ALTA Gateway - USB Expansion Dongle Configuration

If you are unable to connect to the Monnit ALTA gateway and receive an error that there are multiple gateways available, the USB cables for the gateway and the COM to USB adapter cable may be plugged into the wrong USB expansion dongle, or the dongles are plugged into the wrong ports on the CPU.

There are two requirements that must be satisfied in order for the gateway to behave properly:

  1. The COM to USB adapter cable cannot exist in the same USB expansion dongle as the Monnit ALTA gateway.
  2. The dongle that the Monnit ALTA gateway is plugged in to must be plugged into the first port on the CPU (see final image below for reference).

Please see the following images as a reference for a properly configured USB expansion dongle.


The COM to USB cable is white with teal plastic on the USB side. This device must be plugged into a dongle that is not also occupied by the Monnit ALTA gateway.



The Monnit ALTA gateway cable is the only USB cable in the expansion dongle that does not have a color-coded marker on it. This device must be plugged into a dongle that is not also occupied by the USB to COM cable.



Here we can see an image of the two cables plugged into separate USB expansion dongles.



The USB ports on the CPU are designated priority numbers here. The bottom-most USB port is port #1. The USB expansion dongle with the Monnit ALTA gateway plugged into it must be plugged into this port, port #1.