ADM - Move a GMA Consumer Account to Another Organization or Location


A home location is the location which a consumer's account is mainly used at and where their consumer data is stored under. An operator might request that consumers home locations be moved from one location to another. This functionality should be used when a kiosk will remain in the same physical location and the same consumers will be using the kiosk, but ownership of the kiosk changes (i.e. the operator/org changes).



If you need a singular consumer account moved to another home location/org or multiple consumer accounts moved to another home location/org, 365's internal teams can complete this process. Please reach out to 365 Support at 888-365-6282 or and provide the consumer account information, such as first name, last name, email address, the current home location/org, and the home location/org you would like them moved to.


  • Moving Consumers from Existing Location to BRAND NEW location (NO existing consumers): All consumer data will be carried over from old home location to brand new home location, only if the new home location did NOT have any existing consumer accounts. If there are existing consumer accounts at the new home location, see the next bullet point.
  • Moving Consumers from Existing Location to another EXISTING location (WITH existing consumers): When moving a consumer from one existing home org/location to another EXISTING location, scancodes WILL carry over; however, in the event there is a duplicate scancode at the new home location, the scancode will NOT carry over. Consumer fingerprint data will NOT carry over. 365 will NOT perform any database information moves to migrate the fingerprints, as this presents a PCI compliance risk. Consumers will need to add their fingerprints back by logging into their account at the kiosk using their email and PIN or by scanning their QR code from the mobile app at the kiosk. If the user does not know their PIN and needs to reset it, they can do this via mobile app or the operator has the ability to reset PINs for consumers from Admin > Consumer in ADM. See V5 How to Register Your Fingerprint Wing Card for instructions on adding a fingerprint to a consumer account.