Stockwell - Switch from Cradlepoint to OptConnect


This document describes the steps in order to switch a Stockwell from using a Cradlepoint to an OptConnect.



  1. Remove the Cradlepoint router and power supply from the drawer.

  2. Install the OptConnect router and power supply, then connect the ethernet to the OptConnect.
    NOTE: You can use the Cradlepoint antennas with the OptConnect.
  3. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your NUC PC.

  4. Open a terminal window, type cd store then press Enter.

  5. In the same terminal window, type ./ then press Enter.

  6. In the terminal window, you will then be prompted to enter your Stockwell Operations site email and password. From there, you will see the system run through its update functions.
  7. Wait for the OptConnect to come online completely with all lights.
  8. Test the store.

  9. Close and lock the drawer.