ADM - Add Image to Digital and Printed Receipts


The digital and printed receipts consumers receive after a transaction can include an image, such as the operator's company logo. Digital and physical receipts can feature different images, and they can be set at the org level or location level. 

A 365Support agent must enable this setting and load the desired image. Please contact 365Support at (888) 365-6282 or to have this setting enabled or changed.


Receipt Examples



Image Parameters

Settings for Logo Submission

Image Types

  • Image File types: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png
    • Please note that transparency is not available for .jpg and .jpeg images, so backgrounds other than white ones may be visible


Image Resolution

  • Minimum resolution: 609px wide by 609px tall


Preferred Colors

The printed receipts will not print in color. With this in mind, we suggest using images that:

  • Contain only one color, and therefore can be printed in black and white

  • Contain only dark colors 


Printer Settings for Logo

These settings should be stored on the printer for the logo to display properly.

  • Maximum logo image file size (to store directly in NV memory of Printer): 256 kb
  • 16 scale, .png at 203dpi