Beacon - Touchless Coffee (BUNN) - Requirements and FAQ


In order for the configuration to work, the operator must:

  • Contact 365 Support to have the location configured to allow for the Touchless Coffee solution
  • Make sure there is adequate cell coverage in the area of your coffee machine. Customers will need to have cell coverage to use the app and the coffee machine together.
  • Have a 365Beacon (self-provisioned using the 365Beacon - Self-Provisioning Guide)
  • Have one of the following compatible BUNN equipment:
    • Sure Immersion® 312 (SKU 44400.0202) with BUNNlink
    • Sure Immersion® 220 (SKU 44400.0105) with BUNNlink
    • BUNNlink Annual Subscription 44400.0013


Wing Card

Use this wing card to place near or on your coffee machine to show customers how to checkout



  1. What hardware do I need for Touchless Coffee to work?
    Refer to the Requirements section.
  1. Where do I set prices for coffee products?
    The prices can be set directly from the BUNN coffee machine itself.

  2. How are tax handles on the coffee machine?
    The coffee machine does not allow taxes to be entered separately so any pricing would be tax inclusive. Like with a vending machine where tax is part of the product price, operators would need to back the tax out of the purchase price.

  3. Can I see which items are selling through the coffee machine?
    You can see the coffee items vended from the ADM reports; however, there will only be a generic item name with the specified price, you will not see the unique product name.

  4. Can operators vend coffee for free?
    Yes, the operator can always set the price of an item or items to $0 to allow for free vending. However, it cannot concurrently happen with priced items.

  5. Can the screen still be used to make a selection for free if the app is used?
    BUNN has the ability to lock the screen so that you can only use the app to make a selection. This would be necessary if payment is required so that consumers cannot vend for free from the coffee machine touchscreen. If coffee is free and the app is only used for making a selection, then the screen could remain functional, it just depends if you are trying to require payment. BUNN must assist the operator with those configuration settings if needed.