ADM - How to Manage Inventory - Marriott Hotels

This article has been tailored to the Marriott Hotel inventory process.


How to Take Physical Inventories

  1. Navigate to

    • This can be done from your phone as it will turn your phone into the scanner by using its camera (Be sure to “allow camera” when you first visit the site).
  2. Log in with your ADM credentials

  3. Choose a location

  4. Choose Physical Inventory, and then Freestyle

  5. Start inventory in either the storeroom or market. Scan the barcode of each product and enter the quantity you have in that location.

    • Important: Make sure you are scanning the products using your phone’s camera rather than typing in the name or UPC of the product as scanning allows you to add onto the quantity.

  6. After the inventory has been taken in the first area continue with inventory in the next area. Do not exit or click “Finish” until completing the inventory in the next area!

    • When you scan the same product again that you had already previously counted, type in the number that is there, and it will add to what you entered in the previous area.

    • Example: If you counted 5 Cokes in the storeroom first then in the market you have 2 more, when you type in 2 it will add to the 5 and your total count will be at 7

  7. When you have finished scanning all products in the second area, select Finish
  8. This will send the information back to ADM and update your on-hand quantity numbers.


Video Walkthrough - How to Take a Physical Inventory


Viewing Current On-Hand Quantity Levels in ADM

  1. Click the location tab at the top

  2. Click on the location name

  3. Click on Inventory

  4. On-hand quantity levels can be seen in the “In Inv” column


Video Walkthrough - Running an Order and Viewing On-Hand Quantity



ADM helps you place orders with the “Pick List” feature.

This compares your current inventory to your desired amount of inventory for each product and tells you how much you need to order.

In order for the pick lists to work correctly, the “Mins” and “Max” numbers will need to be set for each product. This will let the system know how much product you need to restock back to the max levels.

Adjusting Min and Max Levels

  1. Click the location tab at the top

  2. Click on a location
  3. Click Products

  4. You will see “mins” and “max” fields that can be adjusted

  5. You will also want to set a “pick list action” to determine when that product will show up on the pick list. The standard selection is “At or Below Minimum.”


Running a Pick List

  1. From the home screen, click the Product tab at the top followed by Pick List
  2. Choose your location on the left side and click Apply

  3. Highlight your location when it appears in the middle of the screen

  4. Click Refresh

    1. This will ensure you are working with the most up-to-date information

    2. Refreshing is finished when the location disappears
  5. After the location disappears, click on the location on the left side and select Apply

    • You will notice the refresh date and time has updated

  6. Highlight the location in the middle of the screen by clicking on it and then click Plan Picklist

  7. You will now see all the products that you need to order in the “Need” Column. That is your order.

    • Note: The “Need” column can be adjusted if you want to order more or less of a product.


Adding Products to Inventory Upon Delivery

Once the products you ordered arrive, you can add them to your inventory either by clicking Push to Inventory while in the picklist in ADM or you can update through by choosing the add products option.

365mobileinventory Method

  1. You can use the freestyle inventory method to add the product to the inventory when it arrives.

  2. Simply scan each product and input how much was delivered for each.

  3. Once you have added all products hit Finish and the delivery will now be added to the inventory.

  4. See “How to take physical inventories” for detailed instructions on this process.

Push to Inventory Method

  1. Navigate to your picklist (see above). This is the list of products you ordered.

  2. Once you are in your pick list, look at the Need column and confirm that the correct product was delivered and that the quantity is correct.

    • Note: If a different product was delivered then you ordered and you want to stock it, simply add the product to your product list. Call No Brick for assistance with this.

    • Note: If the wrong quantity was delivered and you are going to keep it, simply change the quantity in the Need column to what was delivered.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the numbers in the pick list click on Select all to highlight all the products

  4. Then click push to inventory to update.

  5. If only part of your order arrived, you can push the products that arrived to inventory individually.

  6. You are now finished with updating inventory levels in ADM.


Video Walkthrough - Fulfilling a Pick List Order