365Beacon - Operator Guide


The 365Beacon is a product that allows operators to offer a marketplace without any existing hardware. It is a small device that can be plugged into a wall outlet near a cooler or kiosk. When plugged in, it allows consumers to pay for the item(s) they have purchased from the cooler or kiosk.

The 365Beacon can be used alone, alongside other kiosks, or in our Touchless Coffee setup, where it is used alongside a BUNN coffee machine.


Legacy Beacons vs New Beacons

There are two types of beacons: Legacy and Modern. The Beacon ID will let you know which type you have. This can be found on a sticker on the Beacon itself.

  • Legacy Beacons are beacons that were shipped before September 3, 2021.
    • The Beacon ID will have 7 or MORE leading zeros, followed by a unique 5-digit identifier (example: 0000000XXXXX)

  • New Beacons are beacons that were shipped on or after September 3, 2021.
    • The Beacon ID will have 6 or LESS leading zeros, followed by a unique 6-digit identifier (example: 000000XXXXXX)


NOTE: If there are multiple Legacy Beacons at one location, they will all have the SAME Beacon ID and appear as 1 device in the system.


Using 365Ops to Manage and Deploy Beacons

Prior to this process, be sure you have set up your banking information in ADM. For information on how to do so, please see the article 365Pay - Setup Banking Information in ADM.


Download and Install the 365Ops App

  1. Download 365Ops from App Store or Google Play Store.
    The 365Ops App Logo
  2. Tap Open.


Logging in to Your Account

  1. On the login screen, you will receive a pop-up requesting the use of Bluetooth on your device. Tap OK. The app MUST be able to use Bluetooth to recognize any Beacons within range.
  2. The 365Ops app uses the same login credentials used for accessing ADM. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Tap LOGIN.


Self-Provisioning One or More Beacon Devices

365Ops is a mobile application that allows operators to self-provision Beacons as devices. Operators will be able to add new beacons to an existing or new location and relocate previously provisioned Beacons. Self-provisioning Beacons simplify the process, allowing operators to bulk order Beacons and add them to locations as they wish.

See 365Beacon - Self-Provisioning Guide steps on self-provisioning and relocating Beacons.


NOTE: This is only applicable to new Beacons. Legacy Beacons do not communicate with the 365Ops app and cannot be relocated by the operator.


Beacons in ADM

Beacons will appear in the Device section on the Location Summary page within ADM.

  • Legacy Beacons will appear here; however, because Legacy Beacons can have more than one device with the same assigned ID, you will only see ONE device listing in ADM, no matter how many you have installed.
  • New Beacons will all have a unique Beacon ID and appear individually within the device section in ADM.



Beacon Device Summary Page

When a Beacon is selected from the Location Summary page, you will be taken to the Device Summary page, where you will see the details shown in the below screenshot.




Do new Beacons look any different from Legacy Beacons?

No, the hardware is identical.


How do you install the Beacon?

  • Legacy Beacon: Remove it from the box and plug it into a wall outlet in the marketplace area.
  • New Beacon: Remove it from the box, plug it into a wall outlet in the marketplace area, then self-provision the device. See 365Beacon - Self-Provisioning Guide for this process.


Where should I put the Beacon?

The Beacon should be plugged directly into an outlet on a wall in the marketplace if possible.

  • It should NOT be inside a kiosk, as that can limit the range.
  • It can be behind a counter or fixture but NOT behind a cooler as that can also limit the range.
  • In addition, you do not want to place it where it is easily seen by consumers, as they may try to tamper with or remove it.  


What if I want to add more than one Beacon to a location?

You can select up to 10 Beacons at one time to provision to a location.


Do I have to be near the Beacon(s) to provision them?

Yes, you must be within Bluetooth range of the Beacon for 365Ops to be able to self-provision. The standard distance we recommend is within 5-10ft.


When I provision my Beacon or create a new location, how long will it take to show in ADM?

There may be a slight delay in showing within ADM, however at most it should be approximately 15 minutes, if not instantly.


What credentials do I use to log into the 365Ops app?

Use your ADM login credentials. If you need a password reset, you can reset from the ADM login screen


What permissions does someone need in order to be able to provision/stage a Beacon?

Operator or Driver permissions.


Why can't I see all Beacons that are provisioned at my location in the 365Ops app?

The 365Ops app will only show Beacons that are within range, whether they are provisioned or not.


How do I connect the 365Pay app to the Beacon after it is installed?

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  2. Launch the 365Pay  app and wait approximately 10 to 20 seconds. A red circle with a number should appear above the Shop icon in the bottom menu bar.

  3. Click the Shop icon.

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to scan and checkout.


Is there a way to extend the range of the Beacon?

Beacons are limited to about 15 to 20 feet each, but you can add an additional Beacon to expand the range by placing it in a different location. This will allow connection from a variety of locations.


What do I do in a big room if the Beacon does not cover the whole range of the room?

Add a second Beacon in the same room. This will expand the range if placed in a different outlet than the existing Beacon.


What are the pros and cons of having multiple Beacons?

  • Pros: It can help extend the range that consumers can connect to the Beacon and still complete their purchases.
  • Cons: It can also allow consumers to walk farther away from the Beacon and the marketplace and forget to pay for their item(s).


What types of promotions does the Beacon support?

Beacons support Tender, On-Screen, and Bundle promotions based on the type of discount the operator wants to offer. Operators can further customize their promotions by: 

  • Using filters for locations and devices
  • The discount amount consumers will receive
  • The timing and duration of the promotion

See ADM Promotions for more information.


Can I relocate a Beacon?

  • Legacy Beacon: No. If you wish to relocate a Legacy Beacon, please contact our Sales Admin team to initiate an order for a replacement Beacon.
  • New Beacon: Yes. See 365Beacon - Self-Provisioning Guide for this process.


Can the Beacon be placed in a marketplace with an existing kiosk or tablet?

Yes, it is designed to work with all other 365 devices in our Connected Campus. However, it can also be a stand-alone product to offer our consumers a convenience choice.


Where does the location name come from?

The location name is entered/selected during the self-provisioning process. See 365Beacon - Self-Provisioning Guide for more information.