International - PicoMarket - Operator Guide
Key Terms
  • 365Pay Application: Available to all GMA users via Apple or Google Play stores. Allows for Touchless Transactions. 
  • Activation Code: This code will be needed during self-provisioning of the PicoMarket for processing credit cards.
  • ADM: This is the tool operators use to manage their markets. Typically used for V5 kiosks, ReadyTouch (365Dining), NanoMarkets, 365Beacons, and Picos.
  • GMA: Global Market Account 
  • Merchant ID (MID): Unique number generated by Worldline for each operator to process their credit card sales.
  • myPortal: Worldline/Six portal that customers will access to obtain all information for credit card transaction and batching history. 
  • PicoMarket: Hardware device - small POS (point of sale) 
  • Self-Provision: Customers will self-provision the PicoMarket device. In this process, they will set the device to an organization, location, set the product list, activate the MID on the Pico device (for credit card usage), etc.
  • SIM Card: Used for connectivity and provided by Mikrolab.
  • Terminal ID (TID): Each PicoMarket terminal is linked via a TID to a MID specific to each Operator. 
  • VAT: European Taxes
  • Worldline/Six: A payment processor provider that will be receiving the credit card sales transactions for settlement and will transfer the funds to your bank directly less the transaction fees.


Key Stakeholders
  • Operator Contact: Coordinates client resources and manages the sites market via the PicoMarket.
  • Distributor: Provides hardware and helps facilitate the process between operator and International 365 Sales team.
  • International 365 Sales Team: Often responsible for gathering deliverable from the operator; primary contact from 365’s side.  



This document will provide information about the PicoMarket hardware device, which is a small-footprint point-of-sale device. The Pico can be connected via Wi-Fi (but cannot be a guest network) or Mikrolab/365 provided SIM card.


Merchant ID (MID) Setup Process

  • During the initial ordering process, besides ordering the hardware (PicoMarket), you will need to work with 365 International team to submit the paperwork to obtain your own Merchant ID (MID) to process credit cards on the PicoMarket.
    • All the paperwork will be sent to you by the 365 International team via a secure Virtru email, and they will coordinate this effort between you and Worldline/Six (credit card processor).
    • Please note if you are a customer doing business in multiple countries, you will need to obtain a MID per country.
  • Once the MID is set up, you will receive a username/password from Worldline/Six to access your myPortal.
    • The myPortal is how you will obtain detailed information about all the credit card transactions.
    • Worldline/Six will deposit your money directly to your bank less the transaction fee daily.


SIM Cards

All SIM cards will be shipped activated and will have a binding contract for twelve months. Operators will receive a recurring fee from 365. If the total data plan volume is exceeded, additional fees will apply. 


SIM Cancellation

  • If an Operator decides to cancel connectivity via SIM card prior to twelve months, they will still need to pay for twelve months since it is a binding contract.
    • There is no penalty for early termination but will still have to pay for twelve months. After twelve months, one can cancel the contract every month. 
    • Termination MUST be sent on or before the 20th of the month. To cancel, an email with the SIM card number must be sent to Peter Muhlmann ( and copy Christian Kägeler (


Self-Provisioning of PicoMarket

  • To set up your PicoMarket device, you will need to complete the self-provisioning process. Please see International - PicoMarket - Self-Provisioner (Wallee) The following items will be required in order to complete the self-provisioning of the PicoMarket:
    • Organization name and location 
    • ADM credentials
    • Wallee Terminal ID activation code (needed only if your credit card payment method is accepted).
      • The activation code should have been sent to you via (the sender may display in the following format: Lorenc Pepaj (Support) < If you have not received your activation key, please contact the 365 Support team.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Without the activation code, you will not be able to set up your credit card processing.
  • All your backend reports can be accessed via the 365 ADM system. If you are new to 365, you should have received ADM training. If you have not, please reach out to your 365 representative to get your training scheduled.


Re-provisioning and Relocations

Operators can relocate a Pico for free using the self-provisioner. See the instructions below:

  1. On the Pico device, access the Driver Menu by tapping the upper left corner 5 times.

  2. Enter your driver PIN.
    Note: A driver's PIN is set in the Users & Roles section of ADM. If you do not have access to this section and need your PIN set/reset, reach out to your management.

  3. Tap Start Setup App.
  4. Tap Provision Kiosk.
  5. Continue using the steps in the appropriate section of the US/Canada - PicoPlatform - Self-Provisioner guide.


Worldline/Six myPortal

Operators will receive access to Worldline myPortal as soon as the contract has been accepted and a Merchant ID (MID) has been generated by Worldline/Six. 

This will show the details for daily payouts, terminals, transaction details, etc. If you have any issues, questions, or require additional training with myPortal, please email

It is recommended that an operator reviews daily to ensure that everything is batched out and payouts less fees are received.


Below is a sample of the email you as a Merchant will receive to access myPortal:


Sample of follow-up email with username:



Additional links:

  • Click HERE for myPortal demo/additional information
  • Click HERE for a sample of screenshots of the type of information that can be found via myPortal

If you need to add additional people to access myPortal after the initial setup, you must complete the Supplemental Agreement "myPortal" form and send it to

  • Click HERE for a blank Supplemental Agreement "myPortal" form


Request for Refunds via Worldline/Six

The operator is the Merchant of Record (MOR); therefore, any refunds required will need to be requested directly by the operator via a request to Worldline processor.

  • Click HERE for the Worldline Refund Request Process



This section covers any frequently asked questions and answers the Project Manager may have come across during the project.



Please reach out to the 365 Support with any other issues or questions. 365 Support numbers can be found at the bottom of the page within the footer. You will see your corresponding country's number to dial. Alternatively, you can email to submit a ticket for an agent to work on.