International - Worldline Refund Request Process


The operator is the Merchant of Record (MOR); therefore, any refunds required will need to be requested directly by the operator via a request to Worldline processor. Operators can find the Terminal ID by running the terminal report from the Worldline MyPortal. If you encounter any issues in finding the Terminal ID, please contact the 365 Support team and they can look that information via the 365 backend, ADM.

NOTE: To completely protect operator banking information, the 365 Retail Markets team does not have access to your Worldline myPortal.



  1. The operator will need the following information:
    • A picture/screenshot of the receipt of the transaction that needs to be refunded if possible
    • Transaction information:
      1. Exact time of transaction
      2. Date of transaction
      3. Amount of the transaction
        • Include precise information about amount that needs to be refunded (total or partial refund)
        • If it is a partial refund, include the full amount of the transaction as well as the amount that should be refunded.
      4. TID (Terminal ID)
        • Access via your myPortal by running the Terminal ID report. If you need assistance, the 365 Support team can assist in providing the terminal ID via the backend system, ADM. Please note, if you have multiple devices, you will have to specify the device’s serial number or device number in order for the Support team to provide the correct terminal ID number.
  2. The operator will then request a refund by emailing .
  3. The cardholder is refunded within 2 working days after Worldline confirms refund is done. All non-voice communication has the same SLA (service level agreement) of 5 working days.