Operator FAQs - Financial Questions

How can I pay my bill?

You can send a check to:

  • 1738 Maplelawn
    Troy, MI 48044

  • Or, you can pay by credit card either through this link:

  • Or by calling our office at 888.365.7382 ext. 103

  • We also accept ACH directly from your bank to ours. Please call the number above for bank instructions.


Why am I getting a list of charges due with no details?

(the difference between a detailed invoice sent at individual shipments and/or monthly fees and a summary statement sent mid-month showing all balances outstanding)

  • When your product ships, you will get an itemized invoice that will show each charge. The Statement that you receive mid-month is a summary of all the totals on each invoice that has not been paid on your account


Can I get an invoice now for an order I just placed or will place soon?

  • We are unable to provide any billing until the order has been placed and the items have shipped. At that time, the order is validated and an invoice will be created and sent to you


Why do some subscription fee billing invoices come on the first day of the month and others on the last day of the month?

  • If you have a fixed-rate plan, you will receive that invoice on the 1st of the month. If your subscription fees are based on location sales for the month, you will get a variable rate invoice dated the last day of the month to reflect fees on those sales. That invoice will be sent early the following month


I paid my transfer fee, what are the next steps? (AV transfer of ownership)


What is the difference between the weekly fees I pay on my disbursement report and the monthly subscription fee I get charged each month?

  • On your disbursement report, you are charged a processing fee on credit card sales and on account sales. Once a month you are charged a monthly administrative fee per kiosk. This fee goes towards any credit card disputes, running the weekly disbursement reports, and customer service/support. The monthly subscription fees are for the use of the software that is on the kiosk.


Can you tell me what the adjustment on my GMA report is for?

  • There are several reasons that an adjustment would appear on a disbursement report i.e. payout/close of a customer account, adding money to a customer account, etc. The Account Adjustment Report in ADM explains exactly what the adjustment is, the amount of the adjustment and who made the adjustment. To find the Account Adjustment Report click on Reports in ADM. Click on the report titled Account Adjustment. It is listed under Administration. Click on the date range you would like to search. Typically this would be the disbursement period of the report that showed the adjustment. Select the locations you are searching (Or Select All to see all locations) and Run Report. The report will generate on the screen. You have the option to export to Excel or print the report.


What does GMA stand for?

  • GMA stands for Global Market Account. This is the preloaded account that your customers can create to make purchases. The Global Market Account can be used at any kiosk on 365 Retail Market’s ADM/V5 platform.


Can I access my disbursement report online? 

  • Yes
    • For ADM, go to > Reports – EFT: GMA Disbursement (under the Financial section) – Select the date range you will like to search. Select All locations and Run Report. Any reports that were generated during the date range you selected will show on the screen. You can download the disbursement report with or without device detail. The reports that are sent out weekly are the reports w/o device detail.

    • For AVLive, go to > Reports > Heartland > EFT Payments > Select the date range you would like to search. Click Preview. Any reports that were generated during the date range you selected will show on the screen. If you click on the dates under the column Date Range the report for that week will open.


Why are cash funding events deducted from my GMA disbursement?

  • The operator has the physical cash from the bill acceptor, which represents funds that consumers have added to their GMA account. Since 365 is the merchant on record and holds the liability for account balances, 365 must ensure that we have received all funds. To make it easier on operators so they don't have to physically send the cash to 365 to hold, we withhold the funds on the EFT disbursement report. These funds are ultimately paid out as account transactions when consumers make purchases.


Why are past-due invoices being deducted from my disbursement?

  • Our 365 Customer Statement states: Balances over 90 days may be deducted from credit card disbursements. If you have a past due balance over 90 days, we will start deducting payments from your weekly disbursements to apply to the past due balance.


If my kiosk is offline why can a sale still go through but it isn’t showing on my disbursement?

  • This is due to the kiosk being in Local Mode, where it can accept credit card transactions while offline and store the transactions locally to the kiosk. Once internet is restored it will then be able to process those transactions and send the information back to ADM for reporting.


Is the column labeled taxes on my GMA disbursement included in my disbursement total?

  • The taxes column is an information only column, the taxes are included in the credit card sales and the GMA sales.


Does 365 pay the sales tax for my company or are we responsible for paying the sales tax?

  • The customer is responsible for paying sales tax.

If I fund a customer’s account, why does it show as a deduction in the adjustment column?

  • This is because 365 is the merchant on record and holds the liability for account balances. 365 will redistribute out funds based on customer account transactions when a customer makes a purchase.

What are the charges on my credit card for?

  • You may have purchased food and/or beverage in a breakroom or cafeteria where you used your credit card to fund an account or just to pay for the product