Selecta MicroMarket - Setup Guidance


This document describes how to set up the Selecta MicroMarket with TeleVend, and it includes guidance regarding release management for Kiosk SW.





  • Each Kiosk must be connected to a TeleVend Box (no other boxes are allowed).
  • Payment devices must be connected to the TeleVend Box.
  • Only Cashless Devices will be supported (MDB CL1 and MDB CL2).



Each Kiosk comes with a CCI cable which should be used to establish the link between the Kiosk (D-Sub connector located on the left side of the Kiosk Housing) and the TeleVend Box which needs to be installed into the expansion housing.

Connect your Credit Card terminal to the internet by using your standard local setup (normally TeleVend box).



Power Consumption

The built-in Power supply is strong enough to power an RFID-closed-loop reader (e.g., Legic, Mifare) and an open-Loop credit card reader (e.g., Ingenico, Nayax, CPI) and a mobile router if needed at the same time.


Machine Setup

 Set up the machine following the 365 Retail Markets guidelines.


TeleVend Setup

Box Firmware

Minimal FW-Version is 1.16.5

You can request the FW from TeleVend Support.


Box Setup

Select the Machine in TeleVend cloud and go to the Setup screen. Setup the TeleVend Box following your local standards (e.g., Pid, …). The following Parameters are SBX specific and need to be setup as shown in the pictures below:


Operation Mode = CSI MDB Brain


Price Mode = Price Hold


Vend Type = Multi Vend


Preselection for cashless = Indefinite amount



Setup Planogram

No planogram setup needs to be done. All sales will be reported with PLU (Column) 1, and Price based on the total amount of the basket.


Setup Prices

No price setup needs to be done as prices will be managed through ADM (365's Management Portal).


Test Mode

The test mode can be used by merchandisers and technicians to test the connectivity between the Kiosk and the TeleVend Box. It can help determine if a payment problem is related to TVD, to Kiosk communication, or to a specific payment device connected through (MDB).


Enter Test-Vend mode

Press and hold the Tool-Symbol for at least three seconds until the Amber LED below the Machine refill button starts blinking.


Exit Test-Vend mode

Press and hold the Tool-Symbol again for at least three seconds to cancel the Service-Mode and TeleVend goes back into normal operation mode.

As a safety feature, TeleVend will automatically cancel the Service Mode after a couple of minutes, so you may need to activate it again.


Kiosk Release Management

There is a continuous process to improve the Kiosk Software. Based on an Agile SW- Development process, normally each month a new release will be deployed by 365 Retail Markets.


Beta Testing

Each region can become part of the Beta testing group, which will consist of a Beta-Kiosk and a Beta-Tester. These groups will need to be defined. The groups will receive the new SW about one to two weeks before the full roll-out. This will assure that the new release still fulfills the local requirements.

It is strongly recommend to join the Beta group to assure the highest possible continuity. Joining it offers the following opportunities:

  1. Detect and fix minor issues before the software will be deployed to all your kiosks.

  2. Block roll-out of a new software in case you detect any major issues.