MicroMarket Kick-Off Call Guide


This document explains the tasks required to implement 365 technology into your client location. Tasks are grouped into phases relevant to their timing in relation to the entire project.


Location Requirements

Network Connection

Determine if you are able to use an existing host location Internet connection. Alternatively, 365 can provide cellular service for an additional cost. Supplemental documentation is available to explain the pros and cons of each and address any access concerns from the client IT department.

Power Standard 110v power outlets and network drops are required in each 365 component’s designated area. It is important to determine the layout of other equipment (coolers) locations early and determine which party is responsible for installing outlets.


Gathering Deliverables

Item Database

Deciding your product mix, and delivering those product details (UPC, item name, price, etc.) are essential to setup your deployment. 365 supplies an item upload template to assist you in transmitting your product details for easy upload to ADM, our back office software. All item uploads MUST be submitted to 365 on the template provided.

Note: You are responsible for accuracy of the information provided on this list. If the data provided is processed by 365 Retail Markets and subsequently needs to be deleted, a $150 data processing fee will be assessed for each location.


Card Info

365 is the merchant of record for all deployments. New operators will need to submit an ACH form to receive transactional revenue, which is disbursed weekly.


Customer Database (optional)

365 offers several ways for consumers to create stored value accounts that transcend across all of our devices. The easiest and fastest way for a consumer to create an account is to download our 365Pay app. Alternatively, most of our devices offer an option for employees to create accounts on-screen.

365 also has an employee upload template that an operator can fill out and send us to create mass accounts. Talk to your 365 Sales Representative to discuss the best option to fit your client’s needs.



ADM Training

ADM is the operator portal for administering every aspect of your 365 deployment. Just before you open your MicroMarket, a 365 Representative from our Implementation team will train your team remotely (or optionally onsite) to manage your items, update inventory, and view all necessary reports on the ADM website.


Onsite Training and Installation

In addition to webinars, 365 Retail Markets offers operators onsite training and installation (for an additional cost). There are many options for onsite training depending on the operator’s needs. Onsite training provides operators with a comprehensive overview of our operating system from both a hardware and software perspective. In addition, our trainers are available to be onsite for opening day. Onsite training must be scheduled in advance through one of our Project Coordinators.


Quality Assurance

Pre-Live Check

A pre-live check involves powering up your device, connecting it to the internet and testing the component peripherals and basic functionality. This should be performed at least two business days before the opening of the location by a member of our Implementation team.


Price Checks and Taking Initial Inventory

After installing your equipment and stocking your café or market, it is important to make sure your products are scanning and are priced correctly. If you plan on tracking inventory for your site, you will want to conduct a starting inventory through our Inventory site, or through your third party VMS (if integrated with 365). This initial inventory will automatically decrease your starting inventory to generate your “Pick List” for store replenishment. Additional product stocking and removal will need to be tracked through the system to keep restocks as accurate as possible


Opening Day Support

The 365 Implementation Department is available when needed for any opening day assistance. The Implementation Department can be reached at or (888) 497-8803.


Contact Information

365 Sales

(888) 365-7382 x1 or


365 Fulfillment (Pre-Live Administrative Assistance)

(888) 365-7382 x4


365 Implementation (Pre-Live through Opening Day Technical Support)

(888) 365-6282


365 Support (Post-Live Technical Support)

(888) 365-6282


365 Logistics

(888) 365-7382 x5


365 Accounting and Finance

(888) 365-7382 x3