ADM - Maintaining Accurate Inventory


This guide will show you how you can get a fresh start on inventory and maintain accurate levels. You can also use it as a refresher to see if you are using ADM to its fullest potential.

Note: This guide pertains to the V5 platform using ADM. However, the principles in this guide still apply if you are using SmartHQ on the Legacy platform.


Viewing your current inventory levels for a single location

  • Choose the location where you want to view the inventory levels in ADM.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Location Summary page and click on the Inventory tab.

  • The In Inv column shows the current inventory levels for each item at that location.

Note: If the In Inv column is not visible, click on the Manage Columns button as shown in the picture above to display that column.

You can manually adjustments inventory levels in the In Inv column for each item. This is ideal for fine-tuning your inventory levels on just a couple items at a time.

You may need to get inventory levels back to a specific level if the numbers are not what you expected or are off by a large amount.

  • ADM keeps track of all items sold and will start going negative on an item as soon as the first item is sold. No worries! You can easily fix this by clicking on the Reset Negatives to Zero button as shown in the picture above step 3.

  • If you have never used our system to take inventory, you will notice a lot of negatives in the Inventory.  This is because all inventory levels start at zero unless you tell the system otherwise.

Now let’s look at how to get inventory back on track!


Taking a Physical Inventory

The best way to get your inventory levels on track is to take a physical inventory through

This document, Mobile Inventory Guide, will guide you through taking a physical inventory.

When you count all your items and submit the count through the mobile inventory website, it will update ADM with the new quantity levels you just entered.

Now that your inventory numbers are where they need to be, make sure you maintain accurate inventory levels going forward using the Pick List Manager Feature in ADM.

Note: You do not have to use the Pick List in ADM. You can take physical inventories when on-site on at a set schedule if you prefer.

The benefit of the Pick List is that it will show you how much product you should be bringing to your market to stock back up to max levels.


Product Level Management

Min, Max, and Pick List Actions

To accurately use the Pick List, you will need to setup the Min and Max levels for each item in ADM. This will ensure accurate numbers based on your market needs and will display when you generate a Pick List.

  1. Each product will have its own Min and Max fields. You can access them from the Location Summary page.

  2. Click on Product tab within the locations summary page.

  3. Select Global Product from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click an individual product. The Product Summary page for the individual product that you selected will display.

Min – The minimum amount of product to maintain on your shelves.

Max – The maximum amount you want to have on your shelves.

The numbers you choose for Min and Max will be your decision and will vary based on market needs. You can change these numbers at any time.

Choose when you want your items to display on your Pick Lists. Choose one of the following from the Pick List Action drop-down menu:

      • At or Below Min
      • Below Max
      • 1+ Cases Needed – Must choose a rounding option with this selection
      • Hide from Pick list – Best used when discontinuing an item

See ADM Pick List Overview for more information on how the rounding options work when picking by cases.

After your items have been set up with their Min, Max and Pick List actions, you can start using the Picks Lists in ADM.


Generating a Pick List

The Refresh button will update your Pick List numbers. This looks at your current inventory levels for each item, the Min, Max, and Pick List actions and generates a number in the Need column that will return you to the Max level that you set for each item.

Note: You can adjust the Need column manually if you cannot pick the amount that is displayed.

Note: If you are on-site and notice that the numbers in the Pick List do not bring the items back up to their max levels, it is possible that customers purchased items between the time the Pick List was generated and when you arrived on-site to stock the market. Check the Sold Detail Report in ADM and run it for that specific time frame to see if that item(s) was purchased.

There is much more that you can do using the Pick List Manager feature in ADM. For more information, see the article ADM Pick List Overview.


Submitting Inventory into ADM

There are two methods in which to submit inventory:

  1. Push to Inventory

  2. 365 Mobile Inventory Website

Choose only one but not both, as that can create duplicate inventory levels.


First Method (Push to Inventory)

Click the Push to Inventory button in the Pick List Manager page. This will update all "selected" items to new quantity levels based on the Need column in the Pick List.

Example: The In Inv column shows 5, the Need column shows 10, click on the Push to Inventory button to change the Items on Hand quantity to 15 in the ADM system.

Note: You can pick multiple items to Push to Inventory by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the items you want. The items selected are highlighted in blue. You can also choose Select All as shown in the picture below.

Important Note: Only the products that are highlighted will be updated

Note: If you are using Lightspeed, the Push to Inventory button will not be visible. Instead you will see the Send to Lightspeed button.


Second Method (365 Mobile Inventory Website)

The second method you can use to update your inventory is to use the Mobile Inventory website that was mentioned previously in this guide.

If you choose this method, you can still use the Pick List in ADM to see how much product you need to pick. But instead of clicking on Push to Inventory to update your inventory levels, you will click on the Refresh button after submitting the inventory on the Mobile Inventory website.

When you click Refresh on the Pick List page, it will update the numbers in the In Inv and Need columns.