KDS - Bumpbar Setup

Bumpbar Setup – Replacing the Template

  1. Place the template into the Bumpbar.

  2. Remove front plate by opening it here.

  3. The top of the device is here at the arrow.

  4. This is the view with the new template installed.



Bumpbar Setup – Complete the Image Process

  1. Using a Windows7 PC (assumes PC has the utilities installed):
    • Plug the Bump Bar into a USB port.
    • Run kb9utility.exe.
    • File, Open in utility – select ckds2.xml.

      The layout will display. The actions on the top are – Read, Write, Test, and Detect.

  2. Do a Detect to check for a connection.

  3. Do a Write Data.

  4. Do a Test to make sure the buttons are working.


Bumpbar Setup – Key Functions

Function Key Action
Call KeyC "Calls" a ticket.
Bump KeyB "Bumps" a ticket.
Print KeyP Sends ticket to the configured printer.
Tab Left KeyL Moves to the next Tab on the left.
Tab Right KeyR Moves to the next Tab on the right.
Start KeyS "Starts" a ticket.
Settings KeyT Toggles the Settings page.
Left ArrowLeft Moves one ticket to the left.
Right ArrowRight Moves one ticket to the right.
Up ArrowUp (Imperfectly) Moves one ticket down.
Down ArrowDown (Imperfectly) Moves one ticket up.
Ok Enter  
Esc Escape  
Expand KeyX  
Menu KeyM  
AllDay  KeyA Toggles the All Day menu.
 0 Numpad0  
 1 Numpad1  
 2 Numpad2  
 3 Numpad3  
 4 Numpad4  
 5 Numpad5  
 6 Numpad6  
 7 Numpad7  
 8 Numpad8  
 9 Numpad9  
DEL NumpadDecimal  
NOK NumpadEnter