365Dining - Order Ahead - Items / Menus not Appearing in 365Pay App


This article is for troubleshooting common issues customers and operators may have with seeing items and menus on the 365Pay and Connect & Pay app.



  1. Check that there are menus created.

  2. Check that the items on the menu have inventory levels.


Check that there are menus created 

  • Order Ahead menus are controlled by the Self-Service menu in ADM.
    • They should not to be confused with the Micro Market (Self Service) menu.
  • Select the Menu tab in ADM, then select Self Service in the drop-down menu to access the Self-Service menu.
  • Be sure that there are active menus for the correct location and time, and that the Timezone for the location is correct.
    • Please note: The wrong Timezone can cause menus to show at the wrong time.

Check that the items on the menu have inventory levels

  • When you are sure that the menus and items are set up correctly, verify that any missing items have inventory values greater than zero for the location. Items with values of zero or less will not display in the menu on the app. 
    • This ensures that customers do not order items that are out of stock.
  • You can view the current inventory levels of items by selecting the Location Name from the Location List in ADM.
  • On the Location Summary page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Inventory tab. This will show all items extended to the location, and their inventory values. Inventory values are shown in the In Inv column. Anything zero or less will need to be increased to show on the Order Ahead menu in the app.