PicoVend Installation Guide

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Sales Process Workflow 







The following parts are included in your PicoVend installation box:


Additional Tools Needed: Philips head screwdriver


Rear view of PicoVend Ports



Sales Process WorkflowInstallation at the top

  1. Place the device to the installation position on the vending machine. Determine if risers are needed to allow for proper scanning and ample room for the device.

  2. If risers are needed, follow the installation instructions in Section A. If risers are NOT needed, follow the installation instructions in Section B.


Section A

  1. If risers are needed, use the dual threaded long bolts that are included.
    • Screw the bolts into the desired four holes on the back of the unit. Space accordingly so the risers can slide in.
    • Screw the short-threaded end until you are no longer able to tighten it.

2. Slide your desired number of risers onto the bolts.

3. Place the mounting plate on the inside of the vending machine and screw the four wing nuts into the plate until they are secure. 

4. Slide the PicoVend device with the risers into the installation position. The bolts will slide into existing slots on the mounting plate. 

5. Tighten the four thumb screws (included) until they are secure on the back of the PicoVend unit.


Section B

  1. If risers are NOT needed, use the four shorts screws (included). 

  2. Place the PicoVend device into the installation position on the vending machine. 

  3. From the inside of the machine, screw all four screws through the existing mounting plate slots into the matching holes on the back of the PicoVend device until they are secure.


MDB and DEX Cable Connection

4. Connect the single joined connector to the MDB port on the back of the PicoVend device. 

5. Plug one end of the MDB cable into the coin mechanism or bill validator. 

6. Plug the other end into the VMC.

7. For DEX capabilities, connect a DEX cable from the RS-232 port on the back of the PicoVend to the DEX port on your machine.


Antenna Installation

  1. Use the Red Antenna tool (included) and slide it onto the end of the antenna cable. Screw it until it is securely fastened to the 4G LTE Antenna Connector.

  2. Take the magnetic antenna booster and place it on the top of the vending machine.

NOTE: Obstructions or interference with the antenna booster may cause a poor internet connection.

When you have completed installing and setting up your PicoVend device, contact our Support Department at 800-321-9601 to finish setting up additional details.



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