SmartHQ Managing Inventory

An accurate inventory is critical to any location planning on using the inventory features of SmartHQ. This guide will show you how to adjust your inventory as needed.

There are two primary reasons why you would need to use this feature, they are:

  • You are filling your shelves and need to update SmartHQ with your added inventory.
  • You are performing a physical inventory and have more or less product than the system indicates. This is typically caused by spoilage, damage or theft.
  1. To adjust inventory, use the Inventory Management page under Manage Items.

  2. Find the item(s) by running a search or by pressing the Get Data option with your search criteria. (A)

  3. Adjust the quantity of the item in the Adjust column (D) and press the Update button on the far right (F).

    When entering an adjustment, your goal is to make the Quantity column equal to your total on-hand (C). For example, if you added four bags of chips to a shelf where eight were previously, you now have 12 bags and you would enter four as your adjustment quantity.

  4. Conversely, if you discover that you have less on the shelf than your on-hand inventory indicates (theft, spoilage, etc.), you may need to enter a negative number in the Adjust column to bring your on-hand quantity down to the correct total.

Note: When you enter a negative value into the Adjust column, a Reason code (E) must be selected before the record can be updated. This prevents inventory from being removed without an auditable reason.