ADM New Ideas Link


A new custom link has been added to ADM called Ideas. The link, located on the right side of the Menu Bar, will take users to a new ADM page that is public. The page will prompt them to submit their ideas for improvements to the 365 system software. A new tab will also be available on each ADM page called Got any Idea for Us? This will also take them to the Ideas form.

 mceclip0.pngWhen users click on the Ideas link or the Got any Idea for Us? tab, they will see the screen below.


 User can fill out this form with their ideas.


They can click the checkbox by Include Data about your current environment … , and then click the link below it to see what data will be sent to 365. They will see the type of information from their system shown below.


 A Product Jira card will be opened and assigned to the Product team for review.