How to Replace a Touchscreen on Gen2 Kiosk
  1. Remove the PC mounting bracket as follows:
    • Disconnect all the wiring to the Monitor
      • USB to Touchscreen
      • Power supply
      • VGA monitor cable

    • Disconnect the cables from the PC.
      • Thumb Printer Reader (look for the black label).

    • Disconnect the connector from the Card Reader.

    • Disconnect two connectors from the Bill Collector.

      • Remove the Bill Collector grounding cable using a 11/32 socket (9mm should work).

    • Remove four screws holding the PC bracket using a ¼ socket with a ¼ drive ratchet.

    • Lay down the PC Bracket with most of the cable management still attached to the bracket. It will lay near the bottom of the kiosk. If you want to completely remove it, you will have to undo all of the cable and or connectors.

2.  Remove the monitor and bracket assembly using a 11/32 socket (9mm should work).

3.  Remove four nuts holding the monitor assembly to the cradle.

4.  Remove the brackets from the monitor using a Philips head screwdriver to remove four screws (two screws per bracket).


5.  Reinstall the brackets to the new monitor.

  • Be sure the monitor and bracket are laying on a flat surface as shown in picture above.
  • Reinstall the monitor and bracket assembly.