PicoCooler Restocking Mode


The purpose of this article is to explain how to enter restocking mode on the PicoCooler device. This will unlock the cooler and trigger Restocking Mode in the cooler’s controller. This allows a delay to be placed on the health safety lockout to allow for restocking and time to reach the correct temperature before triggering the alarm.



  1. Tap in the upper-left hand corner of the device screen 5 times.

  2. Type in your PIN on the PicoCooler screen.
    NOTE: If unsure of PIN, it can be found/configured in ADM under Admin > User and Roles > Click on user account.

  3. Choose Service Mode.

  4. Now that you are in Service Mode, open and close the door 3 times within the span of 5 seconds.

  5. Restocking Mode is now activated. The device will remain unlocked and in stocking mode for 30 minutes, or until you press Finish on the Pico device. Once the 30 minutes are up or the Finish button is pressed, the door will become locked again.