Create 365Inside Machine using 365Pay App

This article will show you how to connect to a 365Inside and create a machine in AV Live using the 365Pay app.


Login to 365Pay

If not already downloaded, you can download the 365Pay app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Login using your operator credentials (the same credentials you use to login to AV Live.)

File (1).jpg

2. Select the device ID of the 365Inside you want to configure.

      • The device ID is the serial number on the front sticker of the 365Inside.
      • If there is another 365Insides in the vicinity that you are not authorized to connect to, their device ID's will appear as grayed out

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3. Select Create New Machine

      • If you have already created the machine in AV Live, it will appear in the list of available machines. You can select a machine to connect it that way if you want.

File (3).jpg

4. Fill out the machine information and click Save

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The 365Inside will reboot.

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      • The machine will now broadcast under the given name and will be available to consumers.
      • A new machine under that name will also be created in AV Live.

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Example Machine AV Live.PNG