Delta SkyMiles iPad Setup to Redeem Points

Skyapi – is the API Server for Delta SkyMiles mobile app for redeeming points.

How it works

There are two kind of users for the Delta SkyMiles iPad app:

  • Delta employees and staff
  • Delta SkyMiles members who have SkyMiles points


Delta SkyMiles iPad App Workflow

  1. Staff login to the SkyMiles iPad app with a scancode or a pin.  

  2. Staff can be added or updated in ADM as follows:
    • Click the Admin tab.
    • Select Staff from the drop-down menu.
  1. The Staff Member enters the amount to deduct.
  1. The Staff Member gives the iPad to the member(consumer) to enter their member id:
    • from a scancode
    • from an airline ticket
    • by swiping the Delta SkyMiles card 
  1. Points get deducted from the member’s account if the balance is sufficient to do so. The iPad is given back to the Staff Member.



  • The Org needs to be configured to use the SkyMiles (Currently there is no UI in ADM.)
  • Usually an Org is created for each airport.
  • The Location is created based on the location of the lounge in that airport.
  • The iPad is configured to point to a location.
  • Staff Members belong to the configured location (under the Org) and can login with a scancode.


Backend API Request or Response

  1. The iPad talks to skyapi backend service to authenticate the pin for the staff member.

  2. The iPad talks to skyapi to get the balance and deduct points using the Member ID.

  3. The iPad or skyapi does not know about

  4. Skyapi talks to payapi backend service which handles the member’s balance query and points deduction.

  5. Payapi is configured to use specific URL credentials.


ADM Setup


  1. Name – Delta plus the three letter Airport Code, e.g., DeltaDET.

  2. Special Type – Sodexo (automatically sets fields in the Location SFE).

  3. Sub Type – Delta SkyMiles App (automatically sets fields in the Location SFE).

  4. Reports
  • Tip Details
  • Tip Summary
  • SkyMile Details
  • Customer Detail (SkyMile)


Location SFE

  • Fill out basic and required fields.
  • The Special Type and Sub Type fields are brought over from Org SFE. This allows the location name to display in the app.
  • No Devices are monitored in ADM. (If you see one with SMXX – these pseudo devices were created for features no longer in use.)


Device SFE

  • No devices are monitored in ADM.
  • The iPad is provisioned in California with the iOS Server.
  • The Warranty is for one year.



Delta Employee’s need a staff login using Cashier or Manager Employee Type along with a scancode.