REVO DVR Physical Installation Guide


The REVO DVR Systems have been upgraded for all new shipments effective August 8, 2016. The new model number for this DVR system is R46D4GM22-1T.



There are many beneficial upgrades between the old and new versions of the DVR. Among the beneficial upgrades are:

  • HD 1080p quality video
  • Doubled hard drive space (500gb to 1tb)
  • HDMI connection (as well as the traditional VGA)
  • Faster networking for improved onsite remote viewing
  • Improved low light performance

The most notable changes are the different cables that are used for the system, and the new requirement for an additional camera power supply.

  • Cables – The previous DVR used cables with an RJ12 connector. The new DVR uses cables with a BNC connector.
  • Power Supply – The previous DVR supplied power to the cameras through POE. The new system uses a 2A with a one to four splitter. An additional outlet is required to supply the cameras with power, which then connect to the DVR with the one to four splitter.



Installation Process:

  1. Choose the locations for the DVR and cameras.

  2. Connect the BNC cables to the back of the DVR.

  3. Connect the monitor.

  4. Power on the DVR.

  5. Install the camera power supply to the one to four splitter.

  6. Connect the one to four splitter male ends to the female BNC/Power cables.

  7. Run the BNC/Power cables between the DVR and the camera locations.

  8. Install the cameras by connecting the BNC and the power cables.

  9. The DVR system should now be up and running.