AVLive - Reports - Sales by Machine Report


The Sales By Machine report provides a detailed report for all sales across the company.  


Select Machine

You can view the sales of any individual machine, all your machines, or any combination of machines. Adjust the filter to select the machines you want to view. The machine(s) you have selected will be highlighted in orange.



The Filter is designed to make your report more manageable.
  1. Select the date range for the sales.  

  2. You can also filter your sales by Area.

  3. Refresh the page or select Preview to see the filtered report.


Export Report

Any report you generate can be exported and saved in a variety of file types.

  1. Click the Export icon. 

  2. Select the file type for your report from the drop-down menu. Your report will automatically download.

  3. You can also print your report by selecting the Print icon.

The report will display the sales in the following order:

  1. Cash Sales
  2. Credit Sales
  3. Coupon Sales
  4. User Account Sales (If your company is configured for GMA)


Sales By Machine.PNG

Each category has these columns in the following order:

  1. Order Date
  2. Machine
  3. Slot
  4. Item
  5. Total

At the bottom of the Total column for each category is the total sum for that type of sale, i.e., Credit Card Sales are $8.20 Total.