Blackboard Kiosk Response Codes


Response ID Response Key Response Text
0 ACCEPTED Accepted
2 CASHIER_NOT_FOUND Cashier Not Found
5 INVALID_TRANSACTION_TYPE Invalid Transaction Type
6 INVALID_TENDER_NUMBER Invalid Tender Number
7 OUTSIDE_VALID_PERIOD_TIME Outside Valid Period Time
8 PRODUCT_PROMO_NOT_FOUND Product/Promo Not Found
10 CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND_IN_MODULE Customer Not Found In Module
11 CARD_RETIRED Card Number Retired
12 CUSTOMER_STATUS_DENIED Customer is not set to Active
13 CUSTOMER_FUNC_STATUS_DENIED Customer Status for Function Denied
15 CUSTOMER_OUTSIDE_ACTIVE_CNCL Customer Outside Active Start/End Dates
16 CUSTOMER_OUTSIDE_FUNC_ACT_CNCL Customer Outside Function Activation/Cancellation Date
17 CUSTOMER_ID_VALIDATED Customer Needs ID Validated
18 CUSTOMER_OVER_SWIPES_PIN Customer Over System Max Swipes-Day/PIN Required
19 CUSTOMER_OVER_SWIPES_INVAL_PIN Customer Over System Max Swipes-Day/Invalid PIN
20 CUST_OVER_SWIPES_PIN Customer Over Module Max Swipes-Day/PIN Required
21 CUST_OVER_SWIPES_INVALID_PIN Customer Over Module Max Swipes-Day/Invalid PIN
22 CUST_NO_BOARD_PLAN Customer Does Not Have a Board Plan
23 BOARD_OUTSIDE_DATE_RANGE Board Plan Outside Active Date Range
24 MASTER_BOARD_INACTIVE Master Board Plan Inactive
25 CUST_BOARD_PLAN_INACTIVE Customer Board Plan Inactive
26 INVALID_BOARD_MEAL_TYPE Invalid Board Meal Type
27 MEAL_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED_CUST Meal Type Not Allowed For Customer
28 PC_NOT_ALLOWED_CUST Profit Center Not Allowed For Customer
29 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_FOR_PD Exceeded Maximum Meals For Period-Day
30 NO_GUEST_MEAILS_FOR_CE Cannot Use Guest Meals For Cash Equiv
31 EXCEED_MAX_GUEST_ML_PD Exceeded Maximum Guest Meals For Period-Week
32 USE_REGULAR_BEFORE_GUEST Must Use Regular Before Guest Meals
33 EXCEED_MAX_GUEST_MEAL_TTL Exceeded Maximum Total Guest Meals
34 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_FOR_PDWEEK Exceeded Maximum Meals For Period-Week
35 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_FOR_DAY Exceeded Maximum Meals For Day
36 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_FOR_WEEK Exceeded Maximum Meals For Week
37 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_FOR_MNTH Exceeded Maximum Meals For Month
38 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_QTR Exceeded Maximum Meals For Sem/Qtr
39 EXCEED_MAX_MEALS_YEAR Exceeded Maximum Meals For Year
40 TRAN_EXCEED_CE_VALUE Tran Total Exceeds Cash Equiv Value
41 NO_BOARD_PLAN Unable to determine the Board Plan based on the Id provided
42 CUST_NO_SV_PLAN Customer Does Not Have a Stored Value Plan
43 CUST_SV_PLAN_INACTIVE Customer Stored Value Plan Inactive
44 MASTER_SV_PLAN_INACTIVE Master Stored Value Plan Inactive
45 OVER_MAX_SALES_DAY_PIN Over System Max Sales-Day/PIN Required
46 OVER_MAX_SALES_DAY_INVALIDPIN Over System Max Sales-Day/Invalid PIN
49 OVER_MAX_TRAN_AMT_PIN Over Max Tran Amount/PIN Required
50 OVER_MAX_TRAN_AMT_INVALIDPIN Over Max Tran Amount/Invalid PIN
51 OVER_MAX_SWIPES_DAY_NOPIN Over System Max Swipes-Day/No PIN Avail
53 OVER_MAX_SALES_DAY_NOPIN Over System Max Sales-Day/No PIN Avail
55 OVER_MAX_TRAN_AMT_NOPIN Over Max Tran Amount/No PIN Avail
56 NO_CUSTOMER_FUNDS_AVAIL No Customer Funds Available
57 INACTIVE_FUNDNUM_FORCUST Fund Number Not Active For Customer
58 FUND_NOT_ALLOWED_CUST Fund Number Not Allowed For Customer
59 INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Insufficient Funds
60 INVALID_AUTO_FUND_CNT_CUST Invalid Auto Fund Counts For Cust
61 ZERO_INVALID_AMOUNT $0.00 is an Invalid Amount
62 SUB_TAX_NOT_DEFINED_FUND Sub-Tax Not Defined For Fund
63 FUND_NOT_ACTIVE Fund not active for Module
66 NO_TRANSFER_MEALS No Transfer Meals
67 VENDING_AUTOFUND_NOT_DEFINED Vending AutoFunds Not Defined
70 INTERNAL_ERROR_DUP_FUNDNUMS Internal Error: Duplicate Fund Numbers
71 EXCEED_MAX_REG_ACCESS_EVT Exceeded maximum regular accesses for event.
72 EXCEED_MAX_GST_ACCESS_EVT Exceeded maximum guest accesses for event.
73 EVENT_NOT_FOUND Event not found
74 NO_EVENT_REENTRY Event Re-Entry not allowed
75 PC_NOT_ALLOWED_EVT Profit Center not allowed for Event
76 EVENT_NOT_ACTIVE Event not scheduled for this time
77 NO_EVT_PLAN_CUST Customer Does Not Have an Event Plan
78 INACTIVE_EVENT Event not active
80 CUST_UNKNOWN Under Age: Age Unknown
81 EVT_NOT_ALLOWED_CUST Event not allowed for customer
82 EVT_NOT_ALLOWED_GST Event not allowed for customers guest
83 INACTIVE_EVT_PLAN Event Plan not active
84 EVT_PLAN_OUTSIDE_ACT_CANCL Event Plan outside Activation/Cancellation Date
85 SWIPE_OUT_REQUIRED Swipe Out required
86 INACTIVE_CUST_EVT_PLAN Customer Event Plan Not Active
89 NON_CUSTOMER_ENTRY_DISALLOW Non Customer entry not allowed
90 INVALID_MANAGER_CARD Invalid Manager Card for Device
91 INVALID_CC_TYPE_FOR_MERCH Invalid Credit Card Type for Merchant
92 PENDING_EVENT_TRAN_INVALID Pending Event Transaction Invalid
93 EVENT_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND Event Entry not found for Reverse
94 COPIER_TENDER_NOT_FOUND Copier Tender record not found
100 CASH_NOT_ALLOWED_PURCHASE Cash not allowed for this purchase
101 CHECK_NOT_ALLOWED_PURCHASE Check not allowed for this purchase
102 CC_NOT_ALLOWED_PURCHASE Credit Card not allowed for this purchase
103 FUND_NOT_ALLOWED_PURCHASE This Fund not allowed for this purchase
104 OVER_PAYMENT_LIMIT Over Payment Limit
105 GST_BOARD_INACTIVE_PDDAY Guest Board Access Not Allowed For Period-Day
106 BOARD_ACCESS_INACTIVE_PDDAY Board Access Not Allowed For Period-Day
110 MAX_SWIPES_DAY Customer Over System Max Swipes-Day
112 MAX_SALES_DAY Customer Over System Max Sales-Day
114 MAX_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNT Customer Over Max Tran Amount
200 CASHIER_NOT_FOUND_2 Cashier Not Found
202 REMOTE_PRINTER_NOTFOUND Remote Printer Not Found
250 HOST_FETCH_VER_INFO_FAILED Host unable to fetch version information
251 HOST_OPEN_FILE_FAILED Host unable to open file
252 HOST_FILE_DATE_TIME_FAILED Host unable to fetch file date/time
253 HOST_READ_FILE_FAILED Host unable to read from file
300 DUPLICATE_TRAN_NUM Duplicate Transaction Number
301 DUPLICATE_PRODUCT Duplicate Product
400 INVALID_PORT Invalid Port
501 MERCHANT_SETUP_NOT_FOUND No Merchant Setups Found
505 TRANSACTION_EXISTS_IN_BATCH Unable to Cancel CC Tran. Already in batch
506 NO_CC_HOST_CONFIGURED No Credit Card Host configured from this host
507 CC_TRACK_DATA_INVALID Credit Card Track Data not Valid
601 TIA_SETUPS_NOT_FOUND TIA Setups not found
603 TIA_VENDOR_INACTIVE TIA Vendor not active
604 TIA_TRANS_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED Tran Type not supported
650 CARD NOT IN SYSTEM The card is not entered in the System
651 CARD_INVALID_ISSUE_CODE The issue code on the card does not match the issue code in system
652 CARD_INVALID_LOST The card has been reported lost or stolen.
653 CARD_EXPIRED The card has expired.
654 CARD_DELETED The card has been deleted from the system and is no longer valid
655 CARD_SUSPENDED The card has been suspended.
656 CARD_ON_HOLD The card may not be used till the hold expires.
657 TIA_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Not enough balance or credit to cover the transaction
658 OVER_TRANS_LIMIT The cardholder''s transaction goes over the amount limited per transaction
659 OVER_DAILY_LIMIT The customer transaction goes over the amount limited per day
660 OVER_CREDIT_LIMIT The cardholder''s transaction goes over the credit limit
661 OVER_CREDIT_LIMIT2 The cardholder''s transaction goes over the cardholder''s personal limit
662 PRIVILEGE_UNASSIGNED A cardholder does not have the privilege he attempted to use.
663 PRIVILEGE_SUSPENDED A cardholder''s privilege has been suspended.
664 PRIVILEGE_EXPIRED A cardholder''s privilege has expired.
665 PERIOD_EXCLUDED A privilege plan rules is denying the transaction based on period
666 PERIOD_NOT_ALLOWED The privilege plan rules deny the use of the privilege during the current
667 PERIOD_USED Rule priviledge denied the transaction based on period used
668 PLAN_EXPIRED A cardholder''s privilege plan has expired.
669 TIA_INVALID_PIN2 The PIN entered does not match the cardholder''s PIN defined in the System
670 INVALID_LOCATION The privilege plan rules deny the use of the privilege at the location whe
671 INVALID_TIME The privilege plan rules are denying the transaction based on time
672 NOT_WITHIN_HOLIDAY The privilege plan rules are denying the transaction due to Holiday
673 INVALID_ON_HOLIDAY The privilege rule is denying the transaction because of Holiday
674 UNDEFINED_ERROR All other abnormal error conditions.
800 DB_ACCESS_ERROR Database Access Error
801 DB_RECORD_CONFLICT Database Record Conflict
1000 PROCESS_NOT_SUPPORTED Process not supported
1001 INVALID_PACKET_SIZE Input Packet Size Wrong
1005 BAD_DATA_SV_POST Bad Data in Stored Value Post
1006 INVALID_PROFITCENTER Invalid Profit Center
1007 EXCEED_ITEM_COST Amount Exceeds Max Item Cost
1501 DOOR_NOT_FOUND Door Not Found
1502 CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND Customer Not Found
1503 PERMSCHEDULE_NOT_FOUND Permission Schedule Not Found
1504 PERMDAYSCHEDULE_NOT_FOUND Permission Day Schedule Not Found
1505 DA_ACCESS_DENIED Access Denied
1506 CTRLDAYSCHEDULE_NOT_FOUND Door State Day Schedule Not Found
1507 CTRLSCHEDULE_NOT_FOUND Door State Schedule Not Found
1508 DOOR_LOCKED Door Locked
1509 DOOR_UNLOCKED Door Unlocked
1513 DA_DOWNLOADSIZEEXCEEDED Download Size Exceeded
1514 MASTERCONTROLLER_NOT_FOUND Master Controller Not Found
1515 SYSTEMFEATURES_NOT_FOUND System Features Not Found
1516 COMPUTER_NOT_FOUND Computer Not Found
1517 UNEXPECTED_MCREADER_TYPE Unexpected Master Controller Type
1518 OFFLINE_ACCESS_DENIED Offline Access Denied
1519 NO_OFFLINE_DATABASE No Offline Database
1520 OFFLINE_CARD_NOT_FOUND Offline Card Not Found
1521 OFFLINE_INVALID_PIN Offline Invalid PIN
1522 OFFLINE_PLAN_OUTSIDE_ACTIV Offline Plan Outside Activation
1523 OFFLINE_PLAN_OUTSIDE_CANCEL Offline Plan Outside Cancellation
1524 OFFLINE_INVALID_DOOR Offline Invalid Door
1525 OFFLINE_OUTSIDE_TIME_SCHED Offline Outside Time Schedule
1526 OFFLINE_INVALID_PLAN Offline Invalid Plan
1527 OFFLINE_INVALID_PERM_LIST Offline Invalid Permission List
1528 OFFLINE_INVALID_PERMN_SCHED Offline Invalid Permission Schedule
1529 OFFLINE_REUSE_VIOLATION Offline Reuse Violation
1530 OFFLINE_STORAGE_FULL Offline Storage Full
1531 OFFLINE_UNKNOWN_ERROR Offline Unknown Error
1532 DA_OVERRIDE_ID_NOTFOUND Override ID Not Found
1533 IPCONVERTER_NOT_FOUND IP Converter Not Found
1534 POINTNUM_NOTFOUND Security Multiplexor PointNum not found
1535 DA_POINTSCONFIGSIZEEXCEEDED Points Config Size Exceeded
1601 LAUNDRY_MACHINE_NOT_FOUND Laundry Machine Not Found
1602 LAUNDRY_CONTROLLER_NOT_FOUND Laundry Controller Not Found
2000 INVALID_PRODUCT_COUNT Invalid Product Count
2001 PRODUCT_QUEUE_FULL Product Queue Full
2002 DTL_TRANS_MISMATCH Detail Transaction Data Mismatch
2003 DTL_TRANS_INVALID_POSITION Detail Tran Invalid Positioning
2004 DTL_TRANS_IO_ERROR Detail Transaction IO Error
2005 DTL_TRAN_OPEN_ERROR Detail Tran File Open Error
2006 DTL_TRAN_RENAME_ERROR Detail Tran Rename Detail Error
2401 UNEXPECTED_DEVICETYPE Unexpected Device Type
3000 INVALID_CTLLR_LOOP_INFO Invalid Controller/Loop Information
3001 CONTROLLER_NOT_FOUND Invalid Vending Controller/Loop
3002 CTLR_LOOP_INACTIVE Controller/Loop Not Active
4000 INVALID_CC_TRACK_DATA Invalid Credit Card Track Data
4001 INVALID_CC_TRACK_SPEC Invalid Credit Card Track Specified
4002 INVALID_TRACK_OR_CC_NBR Bad Track Data or Credit Card Number
4003 INVALID_CC_NBR Credit Card Number is Invalid
4004 EXPIRED_CREDIT_CARD Credit Card is Expired
5000 HOST_DB_ACCESS_ERROR Database Access Error
5001 HOST_DB_RECORD_CONFLICT Database Record Conflict
5002 HOST_CC_UNAVAILABLE Credit Card Host Not Available
6000 HOST_LOW_RESOURCES Low Host Resources
6001 HOST_REQUEST_LIMIT_ERROR Too Many Simultaneous Requests
6002 POS_REQUEST_QUEUE_FULL POS Request Queue Full
6003 INVALID_PENDING_ID_DATA Invalid Pending ID Data
6100 POS_REQUEST_STILL_PENDING POS Request Still Pending
10000 CUSTOMER_MSG_LIMIT_EXCEEDED Customer Msg Limit String of 4000 Reached
11000 PENDING_BOARD_TRAN_INVALID Pending Board Transaction Invalid
11001 INVALID_BOARD_TRAN_TYPE Invalid Transaction Type
12000 CASHIER_NOT_ACTIVE Cashier is inactive
12001 INVALID_CUST_PIN Customer Pin is invalid
12002 INVALID_ISSUE_NBR Customer issue number is invalid
12003 TENDER_CC_INVALID The credit card tender setup is invalid
12004 TENDER_TYPE_INVALID The tender type is invalid
12005 CUSTOMER_SV_ACCOUNT_INVALID Customer does not have sv account type
12006 NO_MENU_PAGES There were no menu pages found.
12007 CARD_STATUS_FROZEN The card status is frozen.
12008 CUSTOMER_NOT_ACTIVE The customer is set to inactive.
12009 ENTITY_DICT_NOT_FOUND The entity dictionary name does not exist.
12010 WORKSTATION_NOT_FOUND The workstation does not exist.
12011 CARD_MARKED_LOST The card has been marked lost.
12012 DEFAULT_CARDNUM_NOT_FOUND No default card number assigned to the specified customer
12013 CARD_NOT_FOUND The card number does not exist
12014 CARD_NOT_MARKED_LOST The card state is already marked not lost
14000 INVALID_CTL_TRAN_TYPE Invalid Control Tran Type
14001 TRANTYPE_INVALID Invalid Transaction Type
14002 VALIDATIONTYPE_INVALID Invalid Transaction Validation Type
14003 ATTENDEDTYPE_INVALID Invalid Transaction Attended Type
14004 RETAILTRANTYPE_INVALID Invalid Retail Transaction Type
14005 PRODDTL_NOT_FOUND Product Detail Record Not Found
14006 TAXSCHED_NOT_FOUND Tax Schedule Not Found
14007 TAXGROUP_NOT_FOUND Tax Group Not Found
14008 UNIT_MEASURE_NOT_FOUND Unit of Measure Type Not Found
14009 INVALID_PRODUCT_ENTRY_TYPE Transaction Product Entry Type not found
14010 INVALID_RETAIL_PRICE_ENTRY Transaction Retail Price Entry Type not found
14011 INVALID_TAXEXEMPT_REASON Transaction Retail Product Tax Exempt Type not found
14012 INVALID_TAXOVERRIDE_REASON Transaction Retail Product Tax Override Type not found
14013 INVALID_PRICE_MODIFIER_TYPE Transaction Retail Price Modifier Type not found
14014 INVALID_MOD_CALC_METHOD Transaction Retail Price Modifier Calculation Type not found
14015 SV_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND Stored Value Account not found
14017 INVALID_MEDIA_KEY_TYPE Media Key Type not found
14018 INVALID_PHYSICAL_ID_TYPE Transaction Physcial Id Type not found
14019 INVALID_CUSTOMER_ENTRY_TYPE Transaction Retail Customer Entry Type not found
14020 DISC_SURCH_REASON_TYPE Transaction Retail Discount/Surcharge Reason Type not found
14021 INVALID_TAX_EXMPT_OVR_TYPE Transaction Retail Invalid Tax Exempt Override type not found
14022 INVALID_TRANSACTION_NUMBER Transaction Number is null or otherwise invalid
14023 INVALID_POS Invalid POS for Transaction
14024 INVALID_DEBITCREDIT_TYPE Transaction Debit/Credit type invalid
14025 NO_ENRICHMENT_PARENT The parent in which the enrichment was based cannot be found
14026 INVALID_CUST_ENRICHMENT The customer does not have the enrichment sv account
14027 DUPLICATE_LINEITEM A duplicate lineitem sequence number has been detected for this transaction
14028 DUPLICATE_TRAN A record currently exists within the same transaction
14029 TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND The transaction passed does not exists
14030 RETAIL_TRAN_NOT_FOUND The retail transaction does not exists
14031 TRAN_LINES_MISSING The retail transaction is missing line item detail
14032 TRAN_VOID_FAILED The transaction failed to be voided:
14033 INVALID_MERCHANT_TENDER The tender is not allowed for the merchant
14034 NO_TRAN_TENDER There is no defined tender for this transaction
14035 NO_TENDER_CUST There is no customer for transaction tender
14036 NO_TENDER_CARD There is no card for transaction tender customer
14037 NO_TENDER_CE There is no cash equivalent record for this transaction tender
14038 NO_CUST_SV_ACCTS The customer has no authorized stored value accounts
14039 MISSING_CASHIER_SESSION The cashier associated with the transaction has no open session
14040 DUPLICATE_CASHIER_SIGNON The cashier is already signed on
14041 TEMP_CARD_UNASSIGNED The temporary card was unassigned at the time of the transaction.
14042 MERCHANT_DEPOSIT_DISABLED Deposits for merchant are disabled
14043 INVALID_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT Transaction Amounts cannot be less than zero
15000 POLICY_TRAN_STATUS No allow or deny status in policy
15001 POLICY_TRAN_DENIED The system policy explicitly denied the transaction
15002 INVALID_TENDER_MAP The system policy could not map tender to sv account type
16000 USER_NOT_FOUND The user account is not found in the system
16001 USER_DISABLED The user account is locked
16002 USER_INACTIVE The user account is not active
16003 USER_EXPIRED The user account has expired
16004 USER_EMAIL_ADDY_NOT_FOUND No email addresses was found for the user.
16005 GROUP_NOT_FOUND The group does not exist.
16006 EVENT_TYPE_NOT_FOUND The audit event type does not exist.
16007 PASSWORD_CHANGE_REQUIRED The user password needs to be changed.
16008 USER_INACTIVE_DAYS The user account exceeded the number of days since last logon.
16009 USER_PASSWORD_EXPIRED The user account password has expired.
16010 PASSWORD_ATTEMPTS_EXCEEDED The number of password attempts has been exceeded.
17000 REPORT_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND The specified report template was not found
17001 REPORT_INSTANCE_NOT_FOUND The specified report instance was not found
17002 REPORT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND The specified report status was not found
17003 REPORT_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND The specified report source was not found
17004 REPORT_CLASS_NOT_FOUND The specified report class was not found
17005 REPORT_SCHEDULE_NOT_FOUND The specified report schedule was not found
17006 REPORT_FORMAT_NOT_FOUND The specified report format was not found
17007 POS_REPORT_INVALID The specified pos report type has not been defined
17008 POS_REPORT_BIZ_DAY_INVALID The specified pos report business day type is invalid
17009 POS_REPORT_INSTANCE_NOT_FOUND The specified pos report instance does not exist
17010 RPT_INSTANCE_SCHED_NOT_FOUND The specified report instance schedule does not exist
17011 RPT_DELIVERY_PROFILE_NOT_FOUND The specified report delivery profile does not exist
17012 REPORT_XSLT_NOT_FOUND The specified report xslt does not exist
17013 DELPROF_EXIST_IN_INSTSCHED Delivery Profile exist in Instance Schedule(s)
17014 SCHED_EXIST_IN_INSTSCHED Schedule exist in Instance Schedule(s)
18000 CARDHLD_PRESENT_CODE_NOT_FOUND The specified cardholder present identifier does not exist
18001 REQ_RESP_CODE_NOT_FOUND The specified request/response identifier does not exist
18002 PIPELINE_NOT_FOUND The specified pipeline identifier does not exist
18003 COMMIT_FOUND The specified commit identifier does not exist
18004 DATASOURCE_NOT_FOUND The specified datasource identifier does not exist
18005 TRANSACTION_STATE_NOT_FOUND The specified transaction state identifier does not exist
18006 TRANSACTION_TYPE_NOT_FOUND The specified transaction type identifier does not exist
18007 CC_RECONCILE_STATE_NOT_FOUND The specified credit card reconcile state identifier does not exist
18008 DATA_ENCRYPTION_NOT_FOUND The specified data encryption identifier does not exist
18009 CREDIT_CARD_TYPE_NOT_FOUND The specified credit card type identifier does not exist
18010 BB_PAYGATE_ORDER_ID_NOT_FOUND The specified BB Paygate identifier does not exist
18011 BB_PAYGATE_TRANSACTION_IN_USE A transaction was locked which prevented the operation from completing.
18012 BB_PAYGATE_STORE_CFG_INVALID BB Paygate Configuration Store is not valid.
18013 BB_PAYGATE_HOST_CFG_NOT_FOUND BB Paygate Host Configuration is not found.
18014 IIN_LAST4_NOT_FOUND There was no credit card IIN/Last4 info located on specified Paygate Order
18015 BB_PAYGATE_TRAN_NOT_FOUND BB Paygate Transaction Not Found
18016 BB_PAYGATE_RR_NOTFOUND BB Paygate Request Response Id Not Found
18017 KEK_NOT_FOUND The specified key encryption key identifier is not found
18018 BB_PAYGATE_ERROR_NOT_FOUND The specified payment gateway error code is not found
19000 EXTERNAL_CLIENT_NOT_FOUND The specified client identifier is not found
19001 EXTERNAL_CLIENT_INACTIVE The specified client identifier is not active
19002 CUST_REG_CUSTNUM_FAILED The customer failed to register - Custnum was invalid
19003 CUST_REG_CARDNUM_FAILED The customer failed to register - Cardnum was invalid
19004 CUST_REG_EMAIL_FAILED The customer failed to register - Email was invalid
19005 CUST_REG_FIRSTNAME_FAILED The customer failed to register - Firstname was invalid
19006 CUST_REG_MIDDLENAME_FAILED The customer failed to register - Middlename was invalid
19007 CUST_REG_LASTNAME_FAILED The customer failed to register - Lastname was invalid
19008 CUST_REGISTRATION_FAILED The customer failed to register - Unknown
19009 CLIENT_CUST_NOT_FOUND The customer is not registered with the specified client
19012 CLIENT_PRIVILEGE_NOT_ALLOWED The client does not have the necessary privilege to perform the operation
19013 XML_PARSING_FAILED The incoming xml parameter failed to parse
19014 STATEMENT_STARTDATE_INVALID Day of Start Date must be between 1 and 28
19015 CUST_ANON_CUSTNUM_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Custnum was invalid
19016 CUST_ANON_CARDNUM_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Cardnum was invalid
19017 CUST_ANON_EMAIL_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Email was invalid
19018 CUST_ANON_FIRSTNAME_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Firstname was invalid
19019 CUST_ANON_MIDDLENAME_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Middlename was invalid
19020 CUST_ANON_LASTNAME_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Lastname was invalid
19021 CUST_ANONYMOUS_FAILED Customer lookup failed - Unknown
19022 INVALID_PIN_VALUE PIN must be between 0 and 9999
19023 OVER_MAX_DEPOSIT Over Maximum Deposit Amount
19024 UNDER_MIN_DEPOSIT Under Minimum Deposit Amount
19025 INVALID_SVACCOUNT_DEPOSIT Invalid SV Account Type for Deposit
99999 SYSTEM_ERROR A system error has occurred.