ReadyTouch - Replacing the Lock or Key on a Cash Drawer


This article explains the process of requesting a new lock and/ or key for the cash drawer of your ReadyTouch device. Such requests are often made if the cash drawer lock was damaged, or if a new team member is in need of a new key for an existing lock. 


Request Key and/or Locking Mechanism

365 Retail Markets itself does not handle requests regarding keys and locks. Instead, you may request a new key or lock directly from the cash drawer manufacturer. Please place your request via the following online form: MMF Cash Drawer Locks and Keys Cash Drawers |


After Receiving a New Lock

Once you have received this replacement key, please have the lock engraved with the Lock code, which can be found on the head of the key. 




Installing a New Cash Drawer Lock

 When you receive the lock, follow these steps to install it. 

  1. Open the cash drawer

  2. From the inside of the drawer, remove the clip with needle nose or regular pliers. This clip should slide up for this process.

    Cash Drawer Lock - Clip placement.png
  3. Put the clip aside.

    Cash Drawer Lock - Clip removed.png
  4. Twist the lock to pull it out of the body of the drawer. 

  5. Insert the new lock by twisting it into place. Re-insert the clip into its previous position. 

  6. Close the drawer