AVLive - Reports - Heartland EFT Payment Report


This article explains how to access and interpret the Heartland EFT Payment Reports in AVLive.  


Accessing the Report

Follow these steps to view a Heartland EFT Payment Report.

  1. Log in to AVLive

  2. Select the Reports tab. A list of various types of reports will display.

    AVLive - Main Menu - Reports
  3. Select the Heartland option, then select Heartland EFT Payments.

  4. Next, select the filters you would like to use. The filters available will vary by the type of report chosen.

    AV Live - Report Settings.png
  5. Apply the filters you have chosen and generate the report by selecting the Preview button at the bottom of the Filter settings sidebar.


Interpreting the Report 

Depending on your filter settings, the Heartland EFT Payment report will generate with the following information:


Airvend - Heartland EFT Payments.png

  1. Date Range – This report runs weekly in a Thursday through Wednesday format, using the Eastern Time Zone. The previous or following week may need to be run based on time differences.

  2. Sales – This is the total dollar value of all credit card sales on all machines for the specified week. The sales shown in the EFT report are a day ahead from the actual sales on the device due to processing times. In the above example, the sales shown from 11/7/2019 – 11/13/2019 are actual sales from 11/6/2019 – 11/12/2019 on the sales reports.

  3. Credit Card Fees – These fees are a percentage of your sales. You agreed on this percentage when the account was initially set up.

  4. Service Fees – This the monthly fee, usually deducted during the first week of the month. It covers the use of AVLive reporting, website, data and support. In the example above, the fees were deducted in the week period 11/28/2019 through 12/4/2019.

  5. Amount – If this amount is more than $25, it will be deposited. If it is less than $25, it will be held until the total is above $25, and then it will be deposited.

  6. Start/End Date – You can run the EFT payment for any time period. This will show all of your EFT payments during the specified time period. It will also display your Credit Card Fees and Service Fees for the same period.

  7. Parenthesis ( ) – This indicates a negative number. In this situation, there is a negative balance because the fees were more than the deposit. There will not be any EFT deposit until the total balance is more than $25.

  8. Totals – This field will sum the totals for the requested time periods listed in the report for Sales, Credit Card Fees and Service Fees.


Checking for Inactive Machines

When a date range is selected, each individual EFT payment will display the same information for each machine for the specified period. This is a good place to confirm what machines are active and check that you are not paying fees for inactive machines. You can see in the example below that “Machine 2” is not processing any payments, though is still seeing a monthly fee under the “Total Fees” column. The “Total Fees” column is the monthly fee added to the “Weekly Fees” from individual transactions.


Heartland - EFT Report example - Merchant Fee Summary by Terminal.png