AirVend Heartland Transactions


This article will help you understand how the Heartland transactions work and how to read the data.


Explanation of Heartland reports

To view a Heartland Transactions Report, click:

  1. Reports

  2. Heartland Transactions

AirVend - Heartland EFT Payments chart.png

  1. Date – This is the time that the purchase was batched out, not the date the purchase occurred. It is the date the purchase was completed and pushed to the Heartland Transaction Report.

  2. Credit Card information – This area identifies the type of credit card being used and the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of the card. Use this data to locate purchases.

  3. Charge and Purchase Amounts – This data is a self-check that the purchase was correct. The Purchase Amount should be the price that the vending machine indicated. The Charge Amount should be the amount charged by the credit card processor. If the amounts match, it indicates that the transaction was correct. If the transaction does not match, it will show up in red. Report it to AirVend support at or call (888) 321-9601.

  4. Parameters – This is a search function that will indicate the machine, time frame for the report and the transaction type. When you are done making your selections, click the Preview button to view the new results. Remember that the date the purchase was made may not be the batch date being used for this report. Best practice: If the purchase took place on a holiday or weekend – include two days following the date.