AVLive - Reports - Heartland Transaction Report


This article explains how to access and interpret the Heartland Transactions Report in AVLive


Accessing the Report

Follow these steps to view a Heartland Transactions Report.

  1. Log in to AVLive

  2. Select the Reports tab. A list of various types of reports will display.

    AVLive - Main Menu - Reports
  3. Select the Heartland option, then select Heartland Transactions.

  4. Next, select the filters you would like to use. The filters available will vary by the type of report chosen.

    AV Live - Report Settings.png
  5. Apply the filters you have chosen and generate the report by selecting the Preview button at the bottom of the Filter settings sidebar.

    AVLive - Reports - Heartland Transactions Report Example.png


Interpreting the Report

The report will generate with the following information:

  • Date – the date the purchase was completed and pushed to the Heartland Transaction Report. Note that this means the time that the purchase was batched out, not the date the purchase occurred. Best practice: If the purchase took place on a holiday or weekend, change the filter to include two days following the date.

  • Machine – the location where the transaction occurred

  • Credit Card information –  identifies the type of credit card being used and the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of the card. Use this data to locate purchases.

  • Charge and Purchase Amounts – This data is a self-check that the purchase was correct.
    • Purchase Amount - the price that the vending machine indicated
    • Charge Amount - the amount charged by the credit card processor
    If these transactions do not match, report error this to AirVend support at or (888) 321-9601.